8-BIT WATERSLIDE Mod (Unlimited Money)


8-BIT WATERSLIDE l Version: 1.42 | Size: 45.18MB Developers: Ancient Games D S | Language: English

Ever wanted to torture a small, helpless computer game character? Well now you can in 8-BIT WATERSLIDE!
Take control of a screaming coward, TIPLER as he hurtles along this awesome pixel death slide.
But before his gruesome demise… Why not set him on fire? Kick him in the nuts? shove fruit up his butt or shower him in acid?
It’s pure, wholesome fun for the whole family!
Still not convinced you need this game?
–Double fart jumps–
Yep, that’s right! This game isn’t just genre bustingly original, it’s also super highbrow and intellectual.
8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the debut game of animation duo tea&cheese in collaboration with indie-game behemoth, Nicoll Hunt, creator of FIST OF AWESOME.
“There’s just something to it’s brand of crazy that makes everything work” -148Apps
“If you love retro graphics and have a big sense of humor, then 8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the perfect little gem for you!” – AppAdvise
“8-BIT WATERSLIDE seems like something the characters from Mike Judge’s Idiocracy might watch on TV.” – Touch Arcade
“Playing convulsed with laughter can be considered a good gaming experience” – sspai

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