99TAN v2.2 (APK Mod Money)

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99TAN v2.2 (APK Mod Money) 111% New TAN series “99TAN”!!!!
Shot towards the flying bricks.
The more you hit the same block, The higher score you can get!
The ball is while holding down.
You can enjoy this game with one touch control.
Get as many points as you can with 99 balls
This is a simple and addictive arcade game.

Simple, but Addictive
99TAN by 111%
Game Features:
– Unlock 60 ballz, including some unique ball, simple ball, super big spinner, etc.
– Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
– Easy and fun to play, challenging to over 1000 score.
– Colorful UI, Fun sound effects, Attractive character.

mod apk

111% developed BBTAN, CCTAN, DDTAN, EETAN, FFTAN, GGTAN, POPONG!, Charles, CtrlCV, Goodnight RUDY, RoadStar, Lunar Blade, DjJelly, PushKey, Boing111, JUSDICE, 1655m, BBTOON, ActionFingers ,JUSDICE, TELLOY, TIMPUZ, GOTDOLL, FLOWAR, BBGO, MADOSA, DDAT, GOSU, BBTAN : 7YEARS, TouchA, Karl followed by 99TAN!
Enjoy TouchA while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you can play 99TNA!!111

99TAN by 111%
99TAN by 111%
99TAN by 111%
99TAN by 111%
99TAN by 111%


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