ABWhatsApp Plus v5.15 Pink Edition by Anish[AB]

*WhatsApp Plus v5.15    Pink Edition by Anish[AB]*

1. Center name in conversation header

2. New entry : mood entry style (changed

from default entry)

mod apk

3. New incoming & send message sound

4. Removed call icon in conversation header

5. Removed suspicious memory dump

6. Centered card title

7. Remove the ads to be more light and


8. Others changes…

P.S : ONLY Stock Emojis


? What’s new in v5.15


[Fixed] Alert that the program is Harmful (if

not fixed please uninstall app and install


[Fixed] disable custom Calls

[Fixed] option to create Shortcut

[Fixed] Showing old pic profile

[Fixed] crash when open app

[Fixed] crash when open chat

[Fixed] crash when hide last seen from


[Fixed] Messages Translation

Other Fixes…

[ New ] Base Updated to 2.16.352


[ Enabled ] Most Awaited Video Calls

[ Enabled ] 2 Factor Authentication

[ Added ] 13 New Launcher Icons

[ Added ] Button to Forward Media and color

it (Mod 1.2.56 – 1.2.57)

[ Added ] Ability to call by clicking on

Missed Call Bubble

[ Added ] Option to Clean WhatsApp Cache &

Files from In-App (Mod 8)

[ Added ] Now Set Group Name upto 35

Characters instead on 25.

[ Fixed ] Elapsed Time (Now works with both

12hrs & 24hrs)

[ Fixed ] Big Emojis (Now support with


Other Fixes…

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