Acronis True Image 2015 Crack


Acronis True Image is very popular software of backup and disk imaging. As a disk imaging software, True Image can restore previously captured image to another disk, replicating the structure and contents to the new disk, also allowing disk cloning and partition re-sizing, even if the new disk is of different capacity.
In this tutorial I will explain how to get this software for free. This tutorial was updated last time on 17th May and tested with latest True Image version, 18.0 Build 6525. Please, to make sure this tutorial works, follow carefully all steps. I will try to do it more detailed as possible. Let’s do it 🙂

Previous installed versions

If you have any previous version installed on your PC, I would recommend you to remove it first. Acronis has a very detailed post on how to do it. To save my own time I won’t explain it by myself. You can access that instructions here. This is for completely uninstall True Image

Where to download?

You can download True Image from the official website, however you won’t go in there. The setup you will download there, is a web installer, which means it’s a small executable file and posteriorly will download the package to begin installation. We don’t want that as the main goal is to avoid True Image of accessing Acronis servers. To workaround this, I have access to the offline setup. You may wonder it origin and if it has virus or whatever, but don’t worry because it’s the official setup and the download came directly from Acronis database. Click here to download the offline setup. Below it’s the link so you can see I am not lying 🙂
Because we will disconnect from Internet, also download the crack here

mod apk

How to install?

I don’t want to explain step by step how to install it because it’s very simple, just a couple of clicks and it’s done. However, I am not introducing this section just because… yeah, whatever, nothing to do here. I want you to be successful with the activation process which came next, and for that, once your download is completed, disconnect from Internet. THIS IS MANDATORY!
After this, you can run the setup and install True Image.
As I mentioned above, this is very simple. On load, it will try to look for updates.. but Internet is off.. so try again next time True Image 🙂

After it’s attempt to check for newer versions, click Install
It will take a few minutes. When done, click Start Application
Activation process

On first load, True Image will ask you for a licence number.
Use one of the following keys


It may notify you that True Image wasn’t able to contact with server and activation failed. That happened because we have disconnect from Internet, but keep calm. We haven’t finished yet 🙂

Now, exit from True Image and go to crack folder you have downloaded on the beginning.
Run TrueImage activation crack.exe

Let the tool works, when done hit Enter 
You are done 🙂

You can run True Image and check licence status, plus you can connect to internet again 🙂

If this tutorial didn’t worked for you, don’t forget to leave a comment or send e-mail to [email protected]