Activate Office 2016

Microsoft released new Office suite version in form of CTP (Consumer Technical Preview) some months ago, but finally now is on Public Preview shape. You can see more details, and how to download here
If you want to taste new Office’s bits, while on CTP you were limited to 7 days, on Public Preview the tests period were extended to 180 days. In spite of being a Public Preview, the program prompt you to activate it by entering a e-mail account with Office 365 subscription.
Well, I don’t have a Office 365 subscription but I really want to use Office 2016… yeah, fine, hacking!!!
I installed Office on my Windows and I have been playing with it for some days and as you can see on pictures below, my licence expires in 144 days. You may be wondering what is going to happen… simple, once expired, most of features are disabled and basically you can only view documents.

Re-Loader 1.2
While KMSPico or KMSNano, the most well known activators for Office 2013 and Windows 8, don’t support Office 2016, there is an alternative: Re-Loader
Re-Loader is an activator which supports a very long list of Windows OS, including Server editions.. all Office versions since 2010 and other. well, I won’t show full list because what really matters here is Office 2016 Preview, which is fully supported.

How to use?
Download the activator tool here (updated last time 13th June, version 1.3 RC 9)
Note: Before extracting, disable your antivirus, this is very important
The file come in RAR, so start by extracting the files (I don’t recommend you run it directly from WinRar or similar programs)

Check the programs you wish to activate and click Activate

Let the program work. You are done!
Re-Loader activator don’t allow me to tick Office 2016
If the activator is not allowing you to mark O16 box, you can try to fix it by uninstalling Office and performing a clean installation. You can uninstall Office directly from the Control Panel. After uninstalling, I recommend you to reboot Windows. Then download Click-to-Run (Office 2016 installer) and begin a new installation. Afterwards, when office prompt you that installation is completed, try to activate it. If the problem persists you may have to wait for a newer version of Re-Loader. Keep in mind that Office is getting almost daily updates and the activator may not be compatible with latest builds. Meanwhile, I am working in a workaround for this.
Office 16 2016 preview beta desktop version 16.0.3823.1005 16.0 how to activate 365 plus pro technical preview