Activate Windows 10 build 10532

After the first wave Windows 10 launch, known as Threshold 1, Microsoft is now working on the second wave, branch Threshold 2, expected in October.
Microsoft has already released two builds (PC) for Insiders, and with it new questions about how licensing Windows raised.

Say “Hello” to the keyless Windows installations

@viceroy101 No, builds from here on will not be prekeyed or include keys. You can install on a PC that had an activated 10240 to activate.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) 22 agosto 2015

As you see on above tweet, if you install for the first time an Windows 10 Insider build, you just won’t be able to activate it. Yes, you read it right. The Gabriel Aul answers says you will be forced to install previous prekeyed build, e.g. 10240, and then you will be able to install the latest Insider build 10532 in order to activate it.
This is all part of the new “keyless” installs that Windows 10 offers, if you have a valid and activated copy of Windows 10 on your device, you will no longer need to enter the 25 character product key with a clean reinstall, and it will activate automatically once connected to the Internet.

To summarize, Insiders that can’t activate post RTM builds will have to install a licensed version of Windows 7 or 8.1, upgrade to Windows 10, and then 10525 from within a VM, or dual boot their device that has an activated copy of Windows 10 in order to test Wave 2.

mod apk

Source: Neowin

How to activate Windows 10 Wave 2 builds?
If you have already installed Windows 10 Insider builds that are part of Wave 2, and you don’t want to waste time installing original and licensed Windows 7 or 8.x, then install Windows 10 RTM and finally jump to Windows 10 Insider TH2, such 10532, there is a way to activate it using KMS activators, and for this, I will use Ratiborus one.
First, download the executable file here. Make sure you extract it before run it.

On About, click Professional Mode button

Then, on Utilities tab, pick your Windows version and click Install key
When done, go to Main and click Activate Windows
That’s it!