Activate Windows 10 Threshold 2

Microsoft released the very first Windows 10 on past 29th July. The Windows 10 RTM was set as build number 10240. After some months of work, the Windows 10 November update, the first major update and codenamed Threshold 2, is now available to everyone, with build number 10586.

How to activate Windows 10 Wave 2 builds?

I will use Ratiborus KMSAuto Net 2015.
First, download the RAR file. Make sure you extract it before running, I mean, do not try to run the executable file directly from WinRAR or any other program you have associated with RAR files.
Execute KMSAuto Net.exe

File name: KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.4.2 Portable.rar
Password: hyrokumata
Size: 3.94MB
Hosted on: Zippyshare

mod apk

Ok, now that you have the KMSAuto running, go to About and ‘join’ Professional Mode. We will do it to have access to a few more features.

On Utilities tab, pick your Windows version (you check it by taking a look on the watermark on the desktop OR check out system information by holding Windows key + X and click hover System)
Finally, click Install key.
Wait until you get prompted.

One final step… go to Main and click Activate Windows
Take a look at the output console to make sure it’s done.

That’s it! I hope it worked for you. Leave your feedback 🙂