Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Crack

Download Offline Setup and Crack

To make sure this post will work as suppose, please, MAKE SURE you download an Offline package of Photoshop CC 2015.
1 – The Package you are going to download is an older version (16.0). This is made on purpose to activate Acrobat with success. Click Get Offline Installer
2 – Also, make sure you download the update file. This will install latest version available (16.1.1). After activating the program, you won’t have any trouble to get updates. Sounds good? 🙂 Click Get Update and follow instructions provided on prodesigntools
3 – Finally, download the Crack files. I recommend you to disable your antivirus to avoid any false positive warning.

Photoshop CC 2015.1.1
Visit Adobe

Download crack details

mod apk
  • File Name: adobeCC2015.rar
  • File Size: 0.1 MB
  • Password: hyrokumata
  • Hosted on: Zippyshare

Installing… Some important notes (READ)

If you have downloaded the offline setup, it’s time to start the configuration. Installing Photoshop is quite easy (requires some time and patient), although, there are some important steps you must consider to make sure you will activate it later with my trick. The package you have downloaded is a compressed 7-zip file, which is not supported by Windows. Use, for example, Winrar or 7-zip. Extract it’s content and afterwards run Set-up.exe.

1 – VERY IMPORTANT! Disconnect from internet.
2 – On setup, first step, make sure you select Install (I have purchased).

3 – Click on Sign-In button. You will get a error connection failure.

4 – Click Connect Later.
5 – Accept ADOBE Software License Agreement by pressing Accept button.
6 – It will ask for a serial number. Go to the crack folder you downloaded above, run the executable file and generate a licence number. Copy it, and paste on Adobe setup. Right-clicking hover any text field and then Paste, will correctly place split the licence and fill the boxes. Click Next
Tip: You mustn’t close the keygen. However, because you can’t minimize it, you can copy the serial and paste it on any text editor or write down it. We will need that serial later.

7 – Wait for a error. Click Connect Later.
8 – Click Install.

9 – While it is installing, back to the crack folder, run disable_activation.cmd. Right click over it and then Run as administrator. This will add some information to system hosts file. The script will close it self.
10 – Considering that installation is over, click Launch Now.

11 – Wait for a while. It must show a Sign-In request. Click on the link Having trouble connecting to the internet?, then hit the button Offline Activation and Generate Request Code.
Now, back to the crack, paste the request code and the second text box and press Generate button. If you closed the keygen, make sure you paste the serial you used to install Photoshop.
Copy the Activation code and paste it on Responde Code field on Setup.

12 – Click Activate
13 – You will get successful message Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 has successfully been activated and is ready to use.

That’s it. Enjoy 🙂
Note: You can use Photoshop with internet.

How to update?

–working on this–

VERY IMPORTANT! Things you must avoid.

DO NOT sign-in with your CC account, otherwise they will detect you didn’t bought the product and the program will restart trial countdown;
DO NOT install Creative Cloud. If you do so, your program will be set to trial mode. This activation method won’t work on that case. You will have to re-install Acrobat.