Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.76.1 for Android

Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.76.1
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: This is the Fellowship Edition for Ananias Roguelike, where you can share your adventures with your friends and support the further development of the game. Check out the absolutely complete functional free version and then get this one if you like it :)


Descend 25 levels into the dungeon to find the ring of Ananias!

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A dungeon exploration experience based on traditional roguelikes, but with a modern user interface designed upfront for mobile devices.

* Challenge your friends to who can dive faster and survive the dungeon!
* Compete with your friends and for the global ranking
* See when your friends are playing and how they are doing

Ananias is designed from the ground up with the idea of a straightforward user experience for a touch screen device; interactions are optimized so you don’t have to waste time with cumbersome movement, while still allowing you to explore the dungeon and fight the dwellers of the dungeon.

A simple gameplay is also a strong design focus; the game is designed for you to be able to do quick playthroughs, trying to delve deeper into the dungeon every time.

There are 41 enemy types, each with an unique feature that makes him stand apart from the rest. We are favoring uniqueness versus quantity in the monster design.

At the beginning of the game you can pick a monster pet to join you in your adventure, each one of them has different abilities and can evolve into powerful creatures using magic spells found into the dungeon.

– Fix issue with alchemy
– Allow unloading weapons
– Add conduct tracking
– Add Zinc potion to recover from paralysis, blind, confusion and hallucination
– Grant upgrade bonuses if 100% level explored
– Make deep level enemies stronger
– Generate tombstone page with player info on death
– Add in-game manual you can check anytime, including bestiary
– Change UX for mixing reagents
– Play random dungeon music instead of tied to level
– Show stats when dying or winning
And much more!

And much more!

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