[Android]How to root your device via KingRoot

King Root –apk version

1.You can find KingRoot in the right corner of “My Game” page in  XMG.

2.Install KingRoot app then run
3. Upon opening the app it will tell you if it is rooted or not by showing a tick or lock symbol. 
4. Just click the lock symbol to start the root process.  
5.At the end of it if successful it will show a tick.
6. The Kinguser app will be installed for superuser access.
Note:If you don’t get the tick the first time try again or use the PC version as below
King Root –PC version

1. Download KingRooting ,click here:Download Kingroot

mod apk
2. Install KingRoot in your PC

3. Connect your mobile to your computer,there is a  tick symbol when your mobile is connected  successfully

4.Click this round circle with the characters “开始Root” (which means Start rooing)
5. It will searching for the best method for you to root   

Note:Your mobile will restart several times in this progress. 
6.Another tick symbol will appear when your mobile is successfully rooted.you can ignore  the blue text,which is a recommended app.
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