Arena Starter Pack free Download DLC+CD Key

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The finest in Commorragh is at your command in the Arena Starter Pack. Get some of the most desired skins in one cheap bundle.
Pack Includes

    Veteran Skin: Cadre Fireblade

Unlock the Cadre Fireblade skin for the Tau Fire Warrior Veteran Class
Cadre Fireblades are veteran Fire Warriors who are experts at the tactical doctrine of the Fire Caste.

    Veteran Skin: Bad Moons Meganob

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Unlock the Bad Moons skin for the Ork Meganob Veteran Class
The Bad Moons are a rich and powerful Ork Klan who can afford the biggest and therefore best armor.

    Veteran Skin: Freebooterz Stormboy

Unlock the Freebooterz skin for the Ork Stormboy Veteran Class
Freebooterz are piratical Orks who sell their muscle to the highest bidder, and the promise of a good fight.

    Veteran Skin: Sanguinary Priest Apothecary

Unlock the Sanguinary Priest skin for the Space Marine Apothecary Veteran Class
Sanguinary Priests of the Blood Angels are responsible, among other things, for tending to their brothers who succumb to the Black Rage and Red Thirst.

    Veteran Skin: Possessed Berzerker

Unlock the Possessed skin for the Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berzerker Veteran Class
The Possessed are terrifying beings that have surrendered their bodies to the control of a Chaos Daemon.

    Beacon Skin: Targeting Squig

Unlock the Targeting Squig Beacon skin
These Squigs typically aid their Ork masters by scanning for enemies in battle.

    HUD & Faction Music: Tau Empire Theme

Unlocks the Tau Empire in-game HUD and musical accompaniment.
Unlocks the Tau Empire in-game HUD and musical score created by BAFTA-Award winning composer Jeff Van Dyck.

Packs are non-transferrable and bound to a single Steam account. Limit of 1 Dark Angels pack per account.   

System Requirements

        OS: Windows 7
        Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core processor
        Memory: 1 GB RAM
        Graphics: Core Clock 800 MHz+ | Memory 1 GB+
        Storage: 2 GB available space

        OS: Windows 7
        Processor: 3 GHZ Quad Core Processor
        Memory: 2 GB RAM
        Graphics: 1200 MHz+ | Memory 2 GB+
        Storage: 2 GB available space Starter Pack free Download DLC+CD Key