Best free Android apps of 2015

Beef up your software drawer with the actual greatest free Android apps. / © ANDROIDPIT

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great informative establishment which usually offers free lessons, mainly targeted close to math concepts, physics and science. It plays been sailing with regard to nearly a decade, however the actual Khan Academy software will be comparatively fresh. A class films tend to be accessible on YouTube, however engaging all of them almost all collected at the same time inside one particular space makes life the great deal simpler, and an individual can easily today discover on the move.

There are across eleven,000 movies accessible, cruising from accessibility-price math concepts thru towards linear algebra. These people additionally duvet numerous numerous subject matter, from physics and biology towards artwork historical past and economics. Is actually any very good source, and the classes are transparent and exciting, so possess the appear near and track down one which fits you.

mod apk

Khan Academy makes researching the small simpler. / © ANDROIDPIT

Khan Academy
Install on Google Play

Website link Bubble Browser

Website link Bubble Browser is a earlier paid-for software that just lately went absolutely free. Hyperlink Bubble made any label for itself largely because of in order to one smart facet: it tons webpages within the actual history. This particular indicates which somewhat of clicking thru towards a website or web page, and engaging in order to wait around for art logos and textual content to be able to seem, Website link Bubble will memorabilia it toward you simply as soon as it’ll prepared. 

Website link Bubble Browser additionally gives an simple method in order to stock hyperlinks, or conserve web sites for offline viewing with Pocket integration. Is actually any easy concept, that is is performed nicely and saves period – a successful mix. 

androidpit link bubble browser 6
Faucet a hyperlink and a ‘Hyperlink Bubble’ will seem on the aspect of your display. Hang on regarding it towards load inside the particular history, then view it whilst prepared. / © ANDROIDPIT / Hyperlink Bubble

Link Bubble Browser
Install on Google Play

Shuffle My Life

Shuffle My Life performs been generating waves on Reddit, wherein it plays been chosen up by the greatly category of folks it wishes in order to tackle: all those caught inside a rut with also significantly regimen as well as not really adequate task. In case a person’ve ever situated your self sitting near desperately attempting towards believe of some thing fresh toward do, Shuffle My Life is the application you want.

Shuffle My Life suggests fresh topics towards do toward gain any tiny difference within your day. There’s nothing terribly advanced regarding it, however that is the particular attractiveness of it. You may will need to be able to feel and also an individual avoid require in order to do as well a lot. You just determine toward act on the advice or not.

Just what may you be questioned towards do? Simple materials: acknowledge an image of a landmark, go through a paper at any coffeehouse, pass for a jog, watch a good on the internet lecture, write an individual a letter. An individual can easily prepared period and also expense limits and remain monitor of your tries through Google Play Online games and the innovator board. Who knew remedying boredom can end up being therefore a lot enjoyable?

AndroidPIT Shuffle My Life
The simplicity of Shuffle My Life is in the actual cardiovascular of it’ll greatness. Who could’nited kingdom control those jobs? / © ANDROIDPIT

Shuffle My Life
Install on Google Play

Activity Launcher three

When an individual’ve in no way tried an alternative Android launcher, you you have desire to be able to examine away Activity launcher three. Exercise Launcher a few is as opposed to some other launchers, that is usually count in cumbersome customization selections yet similar simple function.

Exercise Launcher a few takes your application drawer and places it within an alphabetized Fast Drawer on the aspect, usually all set to be able to be swiped out inside a jiffy. Covers allow a person faucet an application icon towards uncovered it or swipe it towards exposed a folder of categorized apps. Shutters are identical however somewhat of pit a folder, they exposed a preview widget. You will have got to be able to redesign in order to utilize Shutters strangely.

Activity Launcher three additionally makes utilize of Android Lollipop’s adaptive palette and enhancements the actual colour of the search bar and on-display parts toward adapt toward your updated wallpaper. It even works with Muzei, the usually modifying wallpaper software. A person may additionally choose your own personal interface colours.

AndroidPIT Action Launcher 3 quick drawer covers
Activity Launcher a few’s Fast Drawer (abandoned) and Covers facet (correct). / © ANDROIDPIT

Action Launcher 3
Install on Google Play


Google Pictures was unveiled at Google I/O 2015 and made headlines for being a free software that will gives limitless photograph and movie garage area (strangely there are 4 regulations on document sorts).

Images combines programmed backup, sharing and enhancing purposes, since properly since simply regarding the particular very best picture establishment apparatus a person may discover, towards establish a good efficient picture software that’s is actually difficult towards beat. Greatly, every single gallery application ought not to consist of ‘simply click and drag’ variety, ought not to it?

androidpit google photos screenshot one
Google pictures search and establishment equipment cook sorting via your snaps any part of cake. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play

Podcast Addict

If I have been towards advise a greatest podcast application, that would certainly be Pocket Casts – it can a good very properly-formed item of application. Yet Pocket Casts isn’t very free; for the ultimate free podcast application, we’re recommending Podcast Addict.

Podcast Addict makes finding and downloading podcasts easy. Strangely the owner-interface received’nited kingdom precisely blow you aside, it can be heading useful search selections aid a person within discovering the articles if you’re searching with regard to, also when a person avoid possess an individual podcast within mental.

A person may pay any tiny funds toward eliminate the application’s Advertising banner, yet Podcast Addict doesn’k minimize any capabilities within the actual free edition. Even in case a person’re not into podcasts now, with here’s intuitive software, you you have quickly turn out to be addicted.  

androidpit podcast addict screenshot
When an individual didn’nited kingdom interest podcasts ago, a person will certainly as soon as wearing Podcast Addict. / © ANDROIDPIT

Podcast Addict
Install on Google Play


With almost all the actual cloud garage solutions away generally there, it can at times basic toward neglect when an individual placed a positive document on Dropbox, or Google Drive, or OneDrive, or anywhere more.

With Unclouded, an individual can easily control and also look at almost all the actual information you stay inside the particular cloud from one space. It can additional compared to simply a good summary nevertheless, as an individual can easily locate duplicates, understand that’s data had been superseded most just lately, and locate all those information which usually are usually sneakily putting on up most storage area room. Any necessary for all those residing within the actual cloud.

androidpit unclouded
The actual ideal method in order to remain almost all your own cloud accounts ready. / © Christian Gollner

Unclouded – Cloud Manager
Install on Google Play


It can unusual that all of us discover an application so helpful that we dedicate a mini-feature to it, however Drupe deserves almost all the actual compliment it becomes. With Drupe, a person may handle just about all your current pals and messaging apps inside one particular space. Your buddies are on the abandoned, your communications software icons on the particular proper, then is actually merely any subject of dragging your call into the icon of the application you desire to be able to call them with.

It appears excellent, it feels fantastic, and also an individual can easily deliver it a fixed icon upon your own show within purchase in order to automatically entry it what ever most likely completing in your current mobile phone.

drupe drag and drop
Drupe is the actual ideal approach to be able to phone individuals putting on whatever application an individual just like. / © ANDROIDPIT

drupe Contacts & Dialer
Install on Google Play


Perhaps somewhat of a predictable addition towards the listing, however the actual simple concept of getting in a position to be able to phone everyone anyplace within the actual globe (with net) for free continue to looks as innovative these days as while Skype was original published all the actual method back again inside 2003.

Acknowledge it from an individual who works remotely and makes use of the Skype application in order to connect with HQ upon the every day foundation that is actually recently been genuinely public-transforming within words of how we responsibility and show. The application interface will be basic and also extremely properly-formed, permitting you express by film and voice calls, since properly since messaging.

AndroidPIT Skype Example
Skype: familiar, intuitive, and masses-transforming. / © AndroidPIT/Skype

Skype – free IM & video calls
Install on Google Play

Google Earth

Google’s ever-evolving Earth-viewing software never ever ceases towards impress, now permitting you fly close to complete towns inside highway view one 2d, then pinch towards zoom out and perceive the actual entire region the particular subsequent.

Further of a masses-exploration application than an real navigation assistant, Earth allows a person cave in pictures you get within customized places for additional individuals towards appreciate, as well as additionally seem from Wikipedia entries for the particular location most likely browsing. Earth lately additional the actual choice to be able to the path aircraft inside flight, and even seem from trekking trails. Here is truly is an application an individual can easily acquire dropped within for hours.

androidpit google earth x
Google Earth is an software that is evolving at an outstanding level. / © Google

Google Earth
Install on Google Play


Vine is any very enjoyable on the internet film city wherein simply one particular principle places: every looped movie uploaded is actually just six seconds lengthy. This specific implies an individual can easily watch dozens of Vines inside a bunch of various organizations and that just about all takes no a lot more as compared to any number of mins. Adhere to your preferred Viners, inventory Vines with buddies, socialize together with your current preferred Vines, publish your own personal films and retain a great attention in trending Vines and hashtags.

AndroidPIT Vine popular now on the rise
There’s a lot of amazing frame of mind and humor on Vine. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


Evernote is the small prefer Google Remain however plays it’ll personal particularities and fanatic basis. An individual can easily help save notes, voice memos and information and accessibility them upon your own different equipment or laptop computer at any period you decide. A person may additionally prepared reminders, accept snapshots and even hand write your notes for which individual sparkle. Evernote plays additionally had the fine Cloth Building makeover, producing it one of the particular very best browsing effectiveness equipment on Android.

AndroidPIT Evernote nav drawer post
Evernote is a good extremely clear and able efficiency apparatus for take note-taking and significantly a lot more. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


Tumblr hardly specifications an arrival. One of the actual initial and greatest photograph sharing communities on Android, Tumblr is an neverending flow of fantastic digital photography and imagery. Yet that doesn’nited kingdom avoid at continue to trademarks: an individual can easily publish GIFs, films, song, hyperlinks and further. No matter what it takes towards obtain the dialogue began. Plus, an individual can easily stick to your favourite running a blog or celebrities and keep way up to be able to time with what’s event correct now inside a enjoyable graphic outline.

AndroidPIT Tumblr search post
Tumblr offers unending imagery, film, inspirtaional quotes and further. / © ANDROIDPIT

Autodesk Pixlr

Do you acknowledge images in your current smartphone? You do? Then an individual must contain Autodesk Pixlr set up. Pixlr is the gold common for incredible free picture modifying apps on Android.

A person may edit all types of topics inside your images such as a person generally would rest personal computer (understand screenshot underneath), and an individual can easily furthermore prepare collages, upload filters, overlays, borders, textual content, stickers and additional. Pixlr is actually ideal as well as this will certainly cook your pictures ideal too.

AndroidPIT Autodesk Pixlr picture editor
Pixlr plays four severe picture enhancing equipment on board. All at your fingertips. / © ANDROIDPIT

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Install on Google Play

Greenify Application Hibernator

Greenify is a amazing utility which allows a person acknowledge finish restrict across your Android by telling it that’s apps in order to place towards mattress. Greenify consists of a wonderful car-hibernation mode that will may lengthen your battery life by the excellent package. Basically try out it in case a person wear’nited kingdom think me.

In case a person possess root entry, Greenify might do actually much more, yet even with no root privileges, Greenify will be any necessary for any Android equipment. In case a person possess apps upon your own telephone that an individual realize suck your battery electrical, Greenify allows a person placed any quick leash on them. Why wait? Acknowledge limit of your telephone correct now.

AndroidPIT Greenify app hibernator
Greenify sounds tricky, however this’s always a breeze in order to utilize. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


In case a person possess everywhere around as several social channels sailing as me, then a person understand exactly how crucial this is actually toward streamline your social post foundation. Everypost allows a person checklist several accounts with virtually every single social system near, towards which usually an individual can easily upload independently, as any party or perhaps also foundation for the actual upcoming. As soon as you have gone via the setup process, likely to ponder exactly how a person ever lived with no Everypost. 

AndroidPIT Everypost social media post
Communicate almost all your own accounts inside Everypost and never ever have got to be able to dual up once again. / © ANDROIDPIT

Social Media for
Install on Google Play Undertaking Listing & Towards-do

In case a person would like in order to extend your horizons from the Google Remain masses, generally there tend to be numerous checklist and undertaking apps that is tend to be really genuinely powerful, prefer Task List & To-do List. It’s obtained it almost all within 1 clear-searching proprietor interface.

A person may create several types of lists, choose for household chores, looking lists and so on, because nicely because connect movies, pictures and Dropbox data. The lists can easily end up being shared with peers or loved ones users. There’s additionally an Second factor, a each day planner that performs won the great deal of compliment.

androidpit any do is your almost all within 1 starting listing and day planner. / © To-do List | Task List
Install on Google Play

Audible for Android

In case a person have not obtained era toward study a publication, that doesn’k suggest a person may’k listen closely toward it! With Audible for Android mounted in your current telephone, a person may pay attention towards books on the pass from concerning one hundred fifty,000 titles, of all numerous genres. Excellent for the commute, sailing for a operate or the lengthy highway vacation.

The application is truly nicely made, with a bunch of capabilities prefer bookmarking, bed mode, variable narration rate, multitasking functions, and additional.

androidpit audible android
Audible for Android allows a person pay attention towards books although on the move. / © Audible, Inc.

Audible for Android
Install on Google Play


Environment apps are a dime a dozen, all stating that they will are usually the actual greatest, most correct apps towards stay an individual advanced with the forecast. Nicely, how does one determine that is application is for them?

One of the actual greatest climate apps that will an individual can easily obtain is AccuWeather. It provides a bunch of customization choices which may’nited kingdom be defeated. You obtain solutions which includes Minute Forged for climate by the minute, environment for global areas, a nifty house show widget and significantly a lot more.

androidpit accuweather
One of the particular very best climate apps that Android plays to be able to offer you. / ©

Install on Google Play


If Here’s Then That (IFTTT) is actually the excellent application for automating your mobile phone which allows a person prepared really easy regulations for producing some thing occur upon your own Android, based upon remainder basic premise: if here’s takes place then perform which. A person may utilize it towards mute the ringtone while an individual input a sure room, or immediately add a screenshot towards Google Drive, between several some other topics.

AndroidPIT IFTTT Recipes
If Here is Then That (IFTTT) enables an individual establish easy formulations for activity. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play

Inbox by Gmail

The Inbox by Gmail revolution performs begun! Inbox enables an individual package identical emails, establish reminders, pin essential emails towards the particular leading of your inbox, snooze messages for later and obtain the highlights of an e mail previewed without having necessarily using toward exposed it. Here is everything you need to know about Inbox by Gmail.

AndroidPIT Inbox By Gmail Kris
As soon as a person attempt Inbox by Gmail you will never ever proceed back again toward regular e-mail. / © ANDROIDPIT

Inbox by Gmail
Install on Google Play


Poweramp is actually very easily the particular very best track gamer on Android, so when an individual prefer song, a person possess an Android telephone or gadget, and an individual realize what the Put in button is for, an individual will need to be able to gain postpone of it!

AndroidPIT Poweramp 4
Poweramp shouldn’t virtually come preinstalled – it can that powerful. © ANDROIDPIT

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Install on Google Play

Google Match

Google Fit is concerning towards redefine the particular approach we understand smartphone wellness. Strongly tied into Android Use yet working wonderfully premium on is actually very own, Google Match will assist a person get to your physical fitness and job objectives.

AndroidPIT Google Fit Kris
Google Match is the particular most basic and simplest to be able to realize health and fitness software I’ve noticed. © ANDROIDPIT

Google Fit
Install on Google Play

Amazon Kindle

Everyone that performs ever study an e book is aware that Amazon Kindle is the king of e-book readers. A person may utilize it towards go through all of your Amazon ebooks, since properly since virtually any additional ebooks an individual have got.

AndroidPIT Amazon Kindle app
Everyone that likes looking at on their telephone or pill truly specifications the Amazon Kindle software. / © ANDROIDPIT

Amazon Kindle
Install on Google Play


VLC is the software regarding every single Android. When an individual desire to be able to play any news record on Android, VLC is the one application which may cover anything. VLC is technically continue to within beta, yet this is actually already basically as amazing as you’d assume it toward be while is actually done.

vlc player android
Simply no make a difference the information, VLC might include it. / © VLC

VLC for Android beta
Install on Google Play

Google Digital camera

Unless of course if you’re fortunate sufficient towards consist of a rock powerful digicam software upon your own telephone which a person always prefer, the actual following greatest point is Google’s wonderful Google Camera. Is actually free and is actually completely really worth seeking out. It even performs publish-focusing functions.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 Google Camera
Google Digital camera performs four fantastic capabilities for a free application. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Camera
Install on Google Play


If an individual don’t have heard of SwiftKey then an individual need to had been existing beneath a rock for the final couple of many years. Or been putting on an iPhone. Both method, SwiftKey is the actual course innovator for swipe-typing apps, and it doesn’k obtain any nearer than here’s.

androidpit nexus 7 swiftkey
SwiftKey makes typing on Android a swipey typey breeze. / © ANDROIDPIT

SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the king of Android customization and is actually very easily the actual greatest recognized customized launcher. Jam stuffed with selections, Nova enables an individual rebuild your own house display, application drawer and gesture controls simply how a person such as them.

Nova Launcher allows a person customise, theme, customize and tweak your Android mobile phone endlessly. © ANDROIDPIT

Nova Launcher
Install on Google Play


Pocket is an wonderfully helpful device likely to ponder just how an individual ever lived without having. Basically conserve any on-line content material towards Pocket as well as a person may study it later, offline and stripped of advertisements and anything else additional as compared to what you always desire to be able to go through.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 Pocket
Pocket enables an individual conserve on the internet content material towards study later, offline. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


Spotify movements up towards the likes of Google Play Track,, Pandora, SoundCloud and even YouTube within the actual fight toward deliver track towards your ears. An long lasting playlist at your fingertips for free? Sounds powerful towards me.

spotify app update 1
Spotify is arguably the particular very best streaming song software close to. © Spotify

Spotify Music
Install on Google Play


Really like this or loathe it, Facebook is one of the actual the majority of mounted apps inside the particular planet. Supply starving, slower and buggy, there’s nevertheless no residing with no any elegant Myspace software. Because much because functions move, none of any 1 / 3-event selections even come close up to be able to any elegant application.

facebook stephan whatsapp new format
Say what an individual may, yet Facebook or myspace and WhatsApp may possibly as properly basically come pre-packed. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


One more important software with regard to each and every Android mobile phone, in case a person’re not putting on WhatsApp, then how specifically are you interacting? WhatsApp is ubiquitous, choose Facebook or myspace, and will be effortlessly the msot well-known quick messaging application inside the particular planet.

whatsapp android wear
An individual can easily even gain WhatsApp on Android Use. © ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp Messenger
Install on Google Play

Facebook or myspace Messenger

Associated with training course, in which Myspace movements, Facebook Messenger is quickly towards adhere to. When an individual desire to be able to speak on Myspace, you now possess in order to do it through Facebook or myspace’s Messenger software, because the actual talk functionality absolutely no lengthier exists within the actual official Facebook or myspace application.

When an individual desire to be able to speak on Myspace, you have received to be able to do it with Myspace Messenger. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play

Wikipedia Beta

What’s closer than Wikipedia? Wikipedia Beta, which just what. Reside life on the informational reducing side with all the particular newest capabilities the Wikipedia group performs to be able to offer you. The actual greatest big difference correct today will be the incredible refreshing native construction on Wikipedia Beta.

AndroidPIT Wikipedia Beta
Never ever sound ignorant once more with Wikipedia: a public of wisdom at your fingertips. / © ANDROIDPIT

Wikipedia Beta
Install on Google Play

ES FIle Explorer

ES FIle Explorer is the undisputed king of record moderators. When an individual invest any period downloading data, handling track or art logos, then a powerful document explorer is an important Android software, as well as these people put on’nited kingdom come any closer than ES Document Explorer.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 ES File Manager
No software manages information on Android closer than ES Record Explorer. / © ANDROIDPIT

ES File Explorer File Manager
Install on Google Play


Dropbox enables an individual lengthen your interior garage area in to the cloud depending backup of anything at all that is crucial toward you. Song, images, data and additional can easily end up being stored, accessed on just about all your current machinery and restored in case a person ever lose your telephone.

androidpit dropbox nexus 7 apps
It just takes seconds in order to indication upward towards Dropbox and shield your dear data. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


Discussing of images, it doesn’nited kingdom obtain any nearer than Instagram in case a person stay life via imagery somewhat than text message. Adhere to your own buddies and celebrities toward understand the actual entire via an individual else’s eyes. Be warned oddly, it can addictive.

insta pic view 2
Instagram: seeing the public via an individual else’s eyes. / © Instagram, AndroidPIT

Install on Google Play


Pushbullet is a amazing application that will implies you will never ever miss an additional notifiaction once more. Pushbullet could show your notifications explicit in your current pc display or stock backlinks, pictures, data and additional amongst several Android equipment.

sms nexus4 pc
Pushbullet could even be attempted toward answer toward text message messages thru your pc. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install on Google Play


Permit’s face it: most supply Android gallery apps are ornamental sucky. Which in which QuickPic will come inside. QuickPic is the fine thoroughly clean gallery application that foregrounds your art logos, plays lots of sorting selections and will be furthermore linked towards the cloud. 

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 QuickPic
QuickPic is a damn sight nearer than most Android gallery apps. / © ANDROIDPIT

QuickPic Gallery
Install on Google Play

Google Stay

Google Keep is such as the actual Android edition of Publish-It can be heading on steroids. Any era an individual have got anything fast toward document  an individual can easily take note it within Remain and, properly, remain it for later. An individual can easily prepared reminders, preserve art logos, audio notes and additional. 

AndroidPIT Google Keep Notes
Google Stay is the actual greatest method towards stay the path of text message, trademarks and audio notes. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Keep – notes and lists
Install on Google Play


When an individual such as in order to remain way up to be able to time with the neverending flow of information inside the particular planet of Android and past and then an individual would like an RSS reader, and Feedly is the actual initial RSS champ, inside cupboard you didn’nited kingdom already understand. Almost all your own favourite sites inside one particular space.

AndroidPIT Feedly Android
Almost all the actual web sites a person such as inside one particular area. What’s nearer than that? / © ANDROIDPIT

feedly: your work newsfeed
Install on Google Play


Helium is actually the essential application for everyone that plays ever dropped information or never ever completed a backup ago. This functions excellent with root, however even with no, a person may basically communicate your Android towards your personal computer and employ Helium towards backup anything. Employ it.

AndroidPIT Helium Screenshot
Helium is your one-avoid backup remedy, whether or not with root accessibility or without having. / © AndroidPIT

Helium – App Sync and Backup
Install on Google Play

Microsoft Business office Portable

Microsoft Office Mobile 3rd made it Android for free and we couldn’k be happier. In case a person ever employ a cellular equipment for looking at or enhancing Phrase records, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint demonstrations, then an individual realize you want here is software.

AndroidPIT Windows Office Mobile
Microsoft Business office appears fantastic, works wonderfully and is actually completely free. / © ANDROIDPIT

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