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About This Game
Quick Note: Got some questions for the developer? Feel free to email [email protected]

What is it?

Blitz Breaker is a simple, accessible twitch platformer with one small change: Your character can’t run.
Play as an adorable little robot named Blitz, where your goal is to escape the factory you were built in. The problem is that it seems like everything is trying to break you! That is, with the exception of Chip: A friendly computer helper who is totally your friend!


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The gameplay is as simple as it is satisfying. Blitz can only jump, and perform an air dash in one of 4 directions. Upon colliding with an object that doesn’t break you, you are free to dash again. Use this to navigate a variety of challenges and hazards, including spikes, cannons, missiles, lasers, mines and even giant mechanical monsters.

Featuring challenging but fair difficulty, the skill lies in your timing, and ability to react. Perfecting these skills grants you stars, which are used to unlock additional heads to dress Blitz up in. Your ability to search and explore can lead you to secrets, and keys to portals harboring even greater challenges.


    Simple + multiple control schemes. You can play with keyboard or gamepad (optimized for 360 gamepad), and the entire game can be played one handed. (Currently working on support for Steam Controller)
    Tough but fair difficulty
    101 lovingly handed crafted levels
    Four boss levels to challenge and conquer
    Over 20 heads to discover and collect (some are more secret than others)
    Secret Warp Zones to unlock and challenge
    A wicked chiptune sound track by Fat Bard
    Fantastic arcade cabinet style side art to decorate your experience

System Requirements

        OS: Windows 7 – 32-bit
        Processor: Intel i3
        Graphics: Intel HD 4000
        DirectX: Version 9.0
        Storage: 100 MB available space
        Sound Card: Probably a good idea

        OS: Windows – Blitz Edition
        Processor: Ultra core processor with Blitz Processing
        Graphics: B-Force graphics card with Blitz-Sync technology
        Storage: 100 MB available space
        Sound Card: Blitz enabled sound with Blitzy Digital Surround Infinity
        Additional Notes: Seriously though, just go above the minimum. Breaker free Download full PC Game+CD Key