Brave Frontier 1.2.8 [MEGA MOD] Hack Apk Mod

Download: Brave Frontier 1.2.8 [MEGA MOD] Hack Apk Mod


journey to the very heart of “Grand Gaia”, and unleash your Summoner powers, with Brave Frontier RPGTravel across mysterious continents, fight hordes of monsters, and battle against other teams in the Arena.
Thanks to your Summoner powers, collect, fuse and evolve your Units and Heroes that are the core of your army!
“You are the “”Chosen””, the champion that the world of “”Grand Gaia”” desperately needed.
You have just gone past the gates of Lucius, and have discovered your fledling powers of Summoning. You will need to train hard and explore the regions of Mistral, Morgan, and St. Lamia in order for your units to become powerful Heroes. Only by defeatinig the Evil God Maxwell and his demonic armies, will you ever be able to restore “”Grand Gaia”” to it’s former glory.


Mod Info:
1. 1 power for Quest/Vortex
2. Parades free accessibility
3. 95 Respect Aspects
4. Insta BB/SBB
5. ABP
6. THOUSAND Stock space

mod apk

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