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In Brave Frontier RPG:
* Summon and create powerful squads with over 200 monsters and heroes to choose from
* Activate the unique abilities of each of your heroes (Brave Burst)
* Master the elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Light and Dark) to better fight your enemies
* Collect units of friendly “pixel art” style graphics.
* Challenge other players in the PvP Arena, and earn exclusive rewards!
* Craft your own equipment and potions
* Participate in the events to try win the rarest heroes


Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Version: 1.3.0
Download Links:
Install APK and play.
It’s an EU Server and not the global version.

Brave Frontier EU MOD APK What’s New: v 1.3.0

Patch 1.3.0 contains the following:
– 7-STAR Evolutions have arrived! Evolve all Six Heroes NOW!
– NEW gameplay features: Extra Skills, Overdrive & Ultimate Brave Bursts!
– NEW “Mecha Gods Awaken” Dungeon: Capture Evolution Materials for 7-Stars!
– UPDATED “Cave of Desires” Dungeon: Capture Metal Mimics!
– Various changes and fixes to improve your experience.
Read it all in our in-game news!
– 1 Energy (reduces the dungeon costs to 1 Energy)
– 1000 Item Slot (no matter how big your Inventory was, after this MOD u have an Inventory of 1000 slots)
– 250 Deck Cost
– Monster’s Attack reduced to 5 (so they not really hurt you)
– Monster’s Health reduced to 5 (so they not really last long)
– 50k Zel (at least reward after dungeon)
– 50k Karma (at least reward after dungeon)
– 95 Honor Points (per dungeon)
– instant BB/SBB (after very attack ur bb/sbb will be completely full)
– Tower Upgrade (1 Karma for Upgrades)
– Friend Mod (everybody is now ur friend 😉
– Anima Mod (Captured Monsters will be of Anima-typ)
– ABP (as some seem to like it, i added it)