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About This Game
Time compresses in this paradox battle arena.

Gameplay consists of short quick paced action rounds. Each one echos forward. Every missile summoned, bridge built, bomb laid, or sword slashed plays out again. Unless you change it.

Round after round the battle builds up. Selecting a new class to utilize in the fight for victory.

3 Game modes covering the gamut of couch multiplayer experience

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    Arena 2-4 player head to head action
    Survival 1-4 player co-op hero defense.
    Challenges Single player puzzles that demonstrate the full range of mechanics

Heavy customization for the arenas and options with multiple maps and hazard layouts for refining gameplay to your personal tastes.

Equipment and items to tweak core gameplay mechanics.

System Requirements
        OS: Vista,7,8,10
        Processor: 2.0ghz
        Memory: 500 MB RAM
        Hard Drive: 25 MB available space

        Processor: 2.5ghz
        Memory: 1 GB RAM
        Hard Drive: 100 MB available space free Download full PC Game+CD Key