Clash of Clan New Mod Features-Heroes Simulation and Brand New Simulate Setting.


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New Features Support COC game versions (7.200.13 & 7.200.19).
If Game Crashs,plz UPDATE COC to the LATEST game version

–Android Mod Updated to v.1.7.8.
–IOS Mod will be updated later.

Two New Mod Features】:

Feature 1:Heroes Simulation
–In Simulate Attack,you can set Your King/Queen and Enemy King/Queen at different levels.
Using Guide:
1.Click “Mod”to enter the page of Mod choices. 

2.Click“Target’s Heroes” or “My Heroes” where you can see King and Queen.

3.Click King or Queen to enter the page where you can set their levels.

4.Adjust King or Queen levels.

5.Now,you can use King and Queen in Simulate Attack.
Feature 2: Brand New Setting of Simulate Attack

–In Simulate Attack,you can set Your Troops, Your Own Castle Troops, Enemy Castle Troops and Spells of different KINDS. Even you have not unlocked them!!!

Important NoticeAbout Display of the Levels of Troops】:

1.For Elixir Unit and Spells

a).The levels of Elixir Unit/Spells will be displayed normally if you have unlocked them.

b).The levels of Elixir Unit /Spells will be set to the highest if you have NOT unlocked them.

Example:I have not unlocked PEKKA,but I want to use him in Simulate Attack.Using Guide is listed below:

1.Click “My Troops”.

2.Choose PEKKA and set the number you need.(I set it 999)

3.Then,go to simulate attack other player by visiting his base.

4.Look!Becuase I have NOT unlocked PEKKA,his level will be set to the highest by default.

2.For Dark Elixir Unit

a).If the level OR number of the Dark Elixir Troop is more than 2 , the level will be displayed normally in Simulate Attack.

Example: I have trained several Minion whose level is 1.

2.In Simulate Attack, the level of Minion is displayed normally.

b).If the level OR number of the Dark Elixir Troop is less than 2, the level of Elixir Unit will be set to the highestin Simulate Attack.

Example:I have not trained Hog Rider. The level of Hog Rider is 1.

2.So,the level of Hog Rider is set to the highest.

c).If you have NOT unlocked them, the level of Elixir Unit will be set to the highestin Simulate Attack.

Example:I have not unlocked Golem.

2.So,the level of Golem is set to the highest.

Feature 3:Fix Bug of Copy Player Layout.

【The 2nd Important Notice】:

1. In Sandbox From Replay, if you have not seen troops come out from Enemy Castle Troops,there are two problems:

a).There are no troops in Enemy Castle Troops.(You can check in Replay)

b).You have not got that kind of troop from your clan mates,plz ask your clanmate for donation.

2.In Sandbox Attack,Lava hound will not come out if you have not unlocked him. JUST LAVA HOUND!

Other Mod Features】:

1)  SandBox Attack
2.Sandbox From Replay
–Useful Tool to get 3-star Battle War.
3.Real Time Trap/Tesla
–You can see Trap/Tesla in Real AttackFarming Attack/Battle War
4.Save Perfect Player Layout
–Just One Click to copy your favourite layout into your WAR BASE EDITOR.
5.Search Loot
–Useful tool to find bases with big loot or for getting trophies more easily.
–You can set the number ofGold, Elixir,Dark Elixir,TownHall Level, the Distance between TownHall and the Edge of Map, Trophy.
6)  .Dead Base Search
7. Keep Active (You Never Get Attacked While The App is Active)
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