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COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD this is an android game.COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD This is an MOD+DATA game.COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD This is an version is 1.8.5.COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD this game is an glu game is based on an cooking in an storyline and in story game.!in this is sweet in little is an addicting in game is an winning in hearts in an play store in with it is 5 star can reviews..COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD in an employees is an actually in to the kitchen is she is an picking is day in keeps in the clean and is sure is she is an picked and in she could in belongs in an different is she is an mixed in drinks in for the customers is course in our in here is an quick on to your feel in this to they are an really is big challenges is an actually is went to the progress and is make the first in few levels become a very tough.because it to you can not in an only mention the customer are as an always in imagine in your happiness is amending the food in managing the people.COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD this game is an unlimited coins it golds is supplies is in money is resources is an offline is hack is cheat.COOKING DASH 2016 APK MOD is an inclined in to make it an work is an different is breed in to you can do for your kitchen in the food it can be the to you cna charge is more in to you want in to serve in with its dynamics in a dynamic in the progress and it because in to you know is happened it when in to you as an hungry..!

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Requires Android: 3.0 and Up
Version: 1.8.5
Download Links:
Install APK,Download data files and play.

COOKING DASH 2016 What’s New: v 1.8.5

• Complete 60 exciting new levels with challenging mechanics and craft some neanderthal delights in Flo’s latest Show: Caveman Paleo!
• Please Welcome Big Bob Lugman and VIP Ugg Uggerson! Ugg Uggerson comes equipped with an all new boost – Cook Safe!
• Ready to take on Mankind’s original cuisine is the new Auto Chef, Dino Rex! With tiny arms and giant tail, this surprisingly talented Dino uses his prehistoric skills to light fires, smash, combo and upgrade your appliances!
• Bug fixes
1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Golds
3. Infinite Supplies