Dead Trigger 2 Hacked APK 1.0.0 Offline


Dead Trigger 1 was released almost 3 years ago with a freemium title and an offline system. where player can play it any where anytime without network. and that was a huge success from madfinger games. Heartbreaking visuals and 60+ FPS made game awesome.then they started working on dead trigger 2 with unity engine, with its physics advantages and high resolution graphics they released Dead Trigger 2. Freemium model but with online server sided gameplay. Beautifull lifelike graphics and gameplay with dozens of online quests to do. Boss battles and other game modes. Upgrade weapons and wait for them to finish upgrading (This really sucks). Upgrade your crew members to unlock more guns. Dead trigger 2 MOD APK with data files 1.0.0 . Since its an online game you cant have unlimited golds or cash. There is only one way to cheat in this game and that is manipulating Health and Damage in player stats.

What’s New: v 1.0.0
Special Christmas Decorations and Gifts
New tournaments
* Duel Tournaments: Choose your side and fight for your team
* Headshots: Get as many headshots as you can
* Hunter: Trap zombies to win
* Gandhí: Survive as long as possible without killing
* Sprinter: Run the greatest distance
* Carnage: Shoot zombies in the limbs and heads
* New leaderboards for tournaments – cumulative scores, new prizes
Many new deadly weapons: Viking Sword, Sten Mk II Silencer, Mauser C96, XM8 and more

What’s In The MOD:
– Infinite Ammo
– No Reload
– No heat Gun
– Can attack from far away. (try melee, very fun)
– Massive Damage
– Increase blueprint drop rate

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

mod apk

Version: 1.0.0

MODE: Must play online


Download Links:

Install APK,Download data directly from game or from play store.