DEER HUNTER 2016 Hack APK 1.2.1

Here comes another sequel to the super smashed hit DEER HUNTER, first it was deer hunter 2014 and now its jumped to 2016 with lots of new animals and scenarios to enjoy. Is it worth playing? we will find out this real soon.I am ready for a sucker let’s do this of killing innocent animal this looks familiar,look around move in the line and find your animal target to choose and get shot ready and tap fire. one new thing is that there is no slow motion bullet hit in this new installment.its kinda looks lame yes.move around do the stanky leg like so can also a team if that thing we want to we won a lengthy message our friends are deer hunting for an enthusiasm hunt. Deer hunter 2016 MOD APK 1.2.1 Unlimited money glu coins android. Its a freemium game and there are so many IAPs factors that you will be bored seeing them,as hunt passes game will be getting its original color and make you pay for the packs,weapons or other field powers. Most of the animals we have hunted in the previous deer hunter and they are brought back in this one as well as some weapons. New locations are cool and graphics are really great. At some points you will feel like you are still playing 2014 version. Events are there to participate and win some big prizes like weapons, mating calls or hollow shots. New maps will be unlocked when you finish all the given missions from each region then some additional files needs to be downloaded to play in next region. New region arrives with new weapon unlocks, new animals to hunt and of course new maps. Deer hunter 2016 MOD APK Andropalace. Game is still addictive as old parts and some part of the game is awesome. what new in this installment is that well i did not find anything new yet,if you get some hints on it then let us know. Environment scenarios and locations looks so good and gameplay is smooth, new weapons up-gradation system to hassle users. and yes grinding you will have to grind in some events,hunts to get weapons of your choice.

What’s New: v 1.2.1
• Now available on Android TV
• Embark on four all new adventures in the special Thanksgiving Feast Mystery event!
• Earn platinum eagles for limited time event weapons
• Graphical enhancements and new effects added to environments
• Enhancements and fixes to bullet time
• Earn bigger rewards for vital shots in later regions!
• New region foreshadowing and transitions
• Bug fixes and optimizations

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Bullets
Unlimited Batteries

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

mod apk

Version: 1.2.1



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Its an online game so money can not be MODDED.