Desert Death Racing Fever 3D Mod (Unlimited Money)

Desert Death Racing Fever 3D

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Desert Death Racing Fever 3D l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 64.5MB
 Developers: Digital Toys Studio | Language: English

Enter into indestructible death race and drive modified cars to takedown unbeatable rivals. Play Desert Death Racing Fever 3D game & enjoy reckless car driving on unconventional fury road to exhibit road warrior skills.
Drive furious & customized cars on mad max roads to crash and burn ruthless enemy vehicles in desert racing game. Play breathtaking circuit racing missions for baddest corkscrew stunts in demolition arena. Take road rage out on asphalt tracks in desert and offroad forest environment. Skillful driver must remain vigilant and courageous as you face deadly racers in mechanized cars mounted with gatling guns. Leave skid marks on asphalt roads by slipping and burning tires around sharp turns. Blow up enemy vehicles by shooting missiles and bullets before collision with opposite traffic. Do insane car stunts like jump over ramps, escape through death race arena and leave furious racers behind in ashes. Become a road warrior and drive to highway from hell out of this carmageddon. Never back down in this derby race against real racing rivals.
Played some parking school games in which driving fragile cars, schoolbus and motorbikes. Now it’s time for extreme racing fever with drag & drift skills. Take road killer attitude in desert race and keep wrecking city taxi, police cars and armored trucks. Pick up shooter weapons, grenades and shields and multiple power ups while driving on asphalt racing tracks. In this vehicular combat, shoot the car ahead of you to wreck and cause ultimate riot. Secure top position in car racing championship.
Death Racing Game 2016 Features:
★15 exciting levels in 3 furious racing tracks
★Multiple racer cars to unlock with customized weapons for shooting
★Realistic desert locations and off road driving in forest environment
★Physics based tilt controls for smooth driving & reckless racing
★Console quality 3D graphics and an immersive environment
Download Desert Death Racing Fever 3D action packed game for crazy stunts & insane car driving challenges in this endless fun game.
Desert Death Racing Fever 3D
Desert Death Racing Fever 3D
Desert Death Racing Fever 3D

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