Devil and Princess v1.0.7 (APK Mod)

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    Devil and Princess

 Devil and Princess v1.0.7 (APK Mod)  The most popular RPG game ‘Devil and Princess’ that you shouldn’t miss!
One day, the Demon King raid the Moon Kingdom, and abducted their princess.
Therefore, the whole kingdom was in chaos.
In order to save their dear princess, as well as their homeland, many of people started their adventure, the adventure to defeat that demon king.
However, as the adventure goes on, they found that this is a conspiracy between the demon king and princess !?
Wanna get to know more detail? Come and download!

mod apk

“Hundreds of players fight with Big Boss”
Ready to fight against the Dragon?
Cooperate with your most reliable partners!
To challenge the cruelest, the most dangerous monster!
Tonight awaits!

“1 vs 1?? Over! How about 50 vs 50??”
Who can get the championship?
There are kinds of battle mode prepared to you!
10 vs 10 domination battle
30 vs 30 guild battle
50 vs 50 cross-server battle

“Various Fashion”
More than 40 pieces of personality fashion!
More than 30 pieces of crazy drag mounts!
More than 20 pieces of cool wings!
In this game, you will be a fashionistas that most unique!

“Super battle”
The assassination?Magic? what are you waiting for?
Swordsmen, Burning Slash!
Shadow, speed combo!
Maga, Ice Spirit Manipulation!
Three professional perfect balance, please choose professional!

Enrich your File
Don’t forget to upload your own portrait
Get to know more handsome boy and beauty!
Look for your perfect partner!

★Stay tuned for more news and events!

Devil and Princess
Devil and Princess
Devil and Princess
Devil and Princess
Devil and Princess
Devil and Princess

1. 1hit kill
2. Godmode


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