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About This Game

Sitting in front of a screen or TV you might think that the process behind filming and producing a movie is a piece of cake. Try and play Dream Factory first. With this Filming Simulator you will ‘dive’ headfirst into the busy world of movie making.

Dream Factory is a PC (Win, Mac, Linux) and tablet (iOs, Android) based Simulator game. The movie making process doesn’t always catch everyone’s attention because everyone likes watching the final result. But many of us really do like to know what lies behind the curtain, behind the stage…

Our approach is to look at the industry in an ironic way. We’ve reviewed many different samples and cliches of both the old and modern Hollywood Industry, and rediscovered the most memorable names who made the filming culture of 20th-21st centuries what it is today.

In Dream Factory you will have to create and organize the movie process, you will have to deal with greedy marketeers and tricky-chicky finance directors, while also having to put all your efforts to butter up capricious actors. On top of this you will have to learn how to build your studio and production company, brick by brick while, dealing with accounting problems and the like.

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But it won’t be a boring process, as we aim to take the humor and irony of the real world filming process and bring it into to our game. You can play the demo on our website & give the games mechanics a go.

Our story starts from at the very beginning, that is from brothers Lumiere’s era and then continues through epoch by epoch to today and even beyond. That means Dream Factory will give you a glimpse into the future.

In the final version of the game you will engage in the following tasks:

    Studio building process
    Screenplay writing
    Movie shooting process
    Movie promotion by means of marketing campaign
    Solve different complicated tasks and objectives
    Level up your characters
    Discover new movie genres
    Track the needs of your characters
    Act according to the cases prescribed in the contract for actresses and actors
    Avoid waves of fans
    Manage Actors who are affected by traumas and nervous breakdowns or manage situations where Actors have died while shooting a film
    Receive awards and participate in exhibitions
    Compete with your friends and attract their or other competitors actors to your own studio
    Look up the reviews in press after the movie released and track what was done right and what was done wrong

System Requirements
        OS: Windows XP SP3
        Processor: AMD Athlon X2 7750 or Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
        Memory: 256 MB RAM
        Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6600GT
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 76 MB available space
        Additional Notes: Mouse

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