Earth Arena (Alpha 4) Mod (Unlimited Money)

Earth Arena (Alpha 4)

Earth Arena (Alpha 4) l Version: 0.3.3849 | Size: 82.93MB Developers: Tacticsoft | Language: English

Hi everyone, and welcome to the exclusive Battle Dawn: Earth Arena Alpha Test!
Please read before you install:
Earth Arena is a new type of strategy game, where hundreds of players play on the same world map, build alliances and battle for control of planet Earth.
The game is in Alpha, so there still might be a few glitches, but the gameplay is awesome and the community is fantastic.
Please help us turn this into something huge, and be a part of our amazing community!
Cool things about the game:
– Focus on Strategy, not base-building
– No need to collect resources
– Depth of play, where diplomacy is key to your success
– Place your base anywhere on Earth and dominate the planet!
– Play short sessions over a 30-day season
– Battle massive armies of Blade Warriors, Spikers & Crab Tanks
Earth Arena (Alpha 4)
Earth Arena (Alpha 4)
Earth Arena (Alpha 4)

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