Falcon WIFI ID Generator latest full version 2015

Free download wifi-ID Generator v2 latest full version for Windows
Download Falcon Wifi ID v2 latest full version . WIFI ID Username and Password Generator

Hi Friend to day download Falcon WIFI ID v2 latest full version,What is this software? and how to use it ? here is a full detail of this software please read out it .It is an Indonesia is a Broadband WiFi networks access , This software help us to provide facility within Indonesia to use this media to enjoy the high speed internet Browsing and Downloading service.Using the technology of Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) version is based on the IEEE 802.11 specification that is popularly used to connect between computers, smartphones, laptops and other Mobile and Tablet PC devices, as well as connecting computers and other devices to the Internet or to a wired network (Ethernet) LAN. The technology is already equipped with control and monitoring system integrated WiFi makes Indonesia can deliver more than one broadband services with each level of quality that can be pledged as collateral. Indonesia WiFi ( @ wifi.id) providing public services internet technology based WiFi / Hotspot in order to support the acceleration and expansion of Indonesia’s economic development in the field of ICT which has been declared by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. To meet this, the current Indonesian WiFi (@ wifi.id) has been and will prepare millions of wireless internet network point (WiFi / Hotspot) nationally at various locations to support the needs of digital information for the public. Network @ wifi.id reliable and widespread in all regions of Indonesia will provide comfort and assurance of high-quality connections to all users “.

Currently there are 5 choices SSID included in the @ wifi.id namely:

  1. Flashzone-seamless
  2. Flash Zone
  3. @ Wifi.id
  4. Flexi Zone
  5. [email protected]

This software For those who like naughty wants free to access this wifi.id without purchasing the package list, or use the voucher wifi.id, Now we have share application generator WIFI.ID username + password. So please first you need to download this software by given below download method.

How to use it this device and how to configure:

1:- Go to Here  and First you need to check the status of this account (If Some one have active until 2015 latest )

mod apk
The login Windows of Speedy. Instant net work

2:- Search the area for available wifi.id and its network.
3:- Now you need to Turn on your wifi device and connect to the SSID @ wifi.id or @ speedy.instant
4:- After connecting to this network. Then open your internet browser and do browsing to any URL, 5:- Now this time it will display Activation Portal or Welcome Page of Speedy Instant
6:- Open the application Falcon WIFI ID Generator full 2015
7:- Click on Generate It will generate the More than 5 accounts

Now you need to login after generation of User name and Password

8:- Now Copy Username + Password and Enter to form in the Registration on page Portal or Welcome Page Speedy Instant and try to login.
So If you found  the login fail error,then try to revert the username into password and as it password into the username. 
9:- Now you have successfully login in to WiFi.ID latest version and welcome surf for free at the speed of super speed on wifi.id .
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