Fist Slash: Of Ultimate Fury free Download full PC game+CD Key

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About This Game
Part man, part blade, all badass – he’s Fist Slash, the ultimate action hero!

The evil Dr. X has a diabolical master plan: open the gates to the mysterious ‘other side’ using five shattered pieces of the all-powerful mirror! If he succeeds, who knows what might happen to Earth… and only Fist Slash can stop him! Explore six challenging worlds, each packed with vicious enemies and devious platforming obstacles, to grab the mirror shards before Dr. X. Collect awesome power-ups to take out his never-ending army and face huge bosses unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Do you have what it takes to defeat Dr. X and conquer the game on the dreaded Holy Gaiden difficulty?

    Authentic retro platforming action harking back to the golden age of video games!
    Six worlds to discover, each split into ten unique levels full of enemies and obstacles
    Huge bosses that stand in your way of the five mystical mirror shards
    Difficulty levels scaling from Easy to Holy Gaiden – the ultimate challenge for any would-be gaming hero!

System Requirements

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        OS: Windows 7
        Processor: If it runs Windows 7 and Steam, you can play Fist Slash!
        Memory: 500 MB RAM
        Graphics: See above…
        Storage: 15 MB available space
        Sound Card: Any compatible soundcard

        Storage: 15 MB available space Slash: Of Ultimate Fury free Download full PC game+CD Key