Free Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat MMS

It is very common knowledge that sending MMS has many advantages than sending SMS. But before coming to any conclusion, let’s have a fair look to the MMS technology. A MMS can deliver up to 300 KB of data to a mobile phone without any worry. You may send photos, ringtones, themes, even text files etc. Also, if you need to send text messages which are longer than 160 characters MMS is your low cost alternative. On the other hand, MMS is supported by almost every pioneering mobile network in Sri Lanka.

How to Send Free MMS
Above organization ( has been providing Free MMS to Sri Lankan networks since 2009. This service is more technology oriented and reliable. MMS are delivered instantly and delivery is 100% guaranteed if the recipient has activated MMS service on their mobile. The service has no delays because they are providing 5 alternative servers to handle the high traffic. Also you are allowed to attach files up to 10MB. The service makes necessary arrangements to deliver them.  They automatically convert those large files into small files and attch them into your message (MMS). Once you registered with the FREE MMS service, your name and phone number will be automatically remembered and will be attached as a signature in every MMS you send.

According to their website, this tool encodes your multimedia content in a fashion similar to sending a MIME e-mail (MIME content formats are defined in the MMS Message Encapsulation specification) and then forwards to the carrier’s MMS store and forward server, known as the MMSC.
Give a try for FREE MMS and give your feedback…