Fruit Ninja MEGA MOD APK 2.3.0

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Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD this is an android game .Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD This is an MOD+DATA game .Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD This is an version is 2.3.0.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD this game is an arrived by an android models.this game it that could be will make within your incredible phone is an slicing pads .in to play the game at this is an adventure game in by to the slicing considering any kind of a lot of some fruits just as an at all possible towards the provided timely restricts . .in an individual in bright colored in many fruits to slice as well as in fruit juice them is an up and in develop to the ranks.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD .this game-play is an super is an dependent in with the fantastic power in such a is can come is while to by playing in several is abilities in with an differing is an talents is just like the slowly movement is an slicing .fruit frenzy it wherever inside you will have is showered of an some fruits as well as in an ending of an enormous is many fruits directly into cut back and create an excellent record is a level is an much bigger.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD this game in with an added elements and top quality in an contents is an unbolted in a lot of fun and is an not much to the get is an think back to in a professional in an real danger is get into ahead and to have fun the missions and is an achivements in an uncover is an additional in products.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD it is an been getting in an big day is since then in this game it were as an deposited in to the play store and .in we have been seen in to play in thi game directly to our in little is an anroid phones is an running in with an android in with this formation is an upgraded in this version is made of an quite a few in nice is an explanations in an animation.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD in to compare and contrast in an older version and to so in numerous in new is in powerups and is an upgrade in an add in some tastes in to your gaming .it is an fine in to tune to tune up in to your fruits in an ninja styles . .the fruits ninjas are an celebrating on 5 5 fun , fruity , and fantastic years with 60% off in to the gold in an apple chest and to the starfruit in chest .in to we have an also is an added on an exclusive is an android in an robot in challenge made for an experienced in an ninjas in an google play.Fruit Ninja MEGA APK MOD in to get an your planning in stars is an ready in to there is an no is a reason in to miss this game . .

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Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Version: 2.3.0
Download Links:
Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

Fruit Ninja MEGA APK What’s New: v 2.3.0

Fruit Ninja is five years old! Celebrate in style with our juiciest update yet!
ANNIVERSARY TOURNAMENT – Defeat six iconic opponents to unlock a powerful new blade!
NEW MINI GAMES – Juggle fruit, manipulate bombs, and master new tricks in six unique mini games!
GOLDEN EMBER BLADE – Trap your fruit in a fiery blaze and then slice it twice for epic high scores!
It’s been a fun and fruitful five years. Thanks for making it possible!

Fruit Ninja MEGA What’s In The MOD: RiU

1. Combo bonus
2. Time bonus
3. Life bonus
4. Plum time bonus
5. Frenzy time bonus
6. Frenzy chance bonus
7. Enable fruit magnet
8. Enable pixel bombs
9. Enable dragon fruits in arcade
10. Enable bomb deflector
11. Enable blackhole plums
12. Max blitz bonus
13. Easy blitz factor
14. Always critical
15. Slower fruits
16. Gravity defying fruits ‘cuz why not
17. General fruit chance multiplier
18. Starfruits multiplier
19. Disable bombs