Galaxy S4 tips and tricks: get the most out of Lollipop

1. Disable S Voice for quicker navigation

The S Voice shortcut putting on a dual-press of the Household button necessarily slows down your Household button effect. The actual very first era you press it TouchWiz pauses temporarily towards await the 2d press. Pass toward S Voice, press the menu mild main, pick Settings and un-examination the package near Uncovered through the House Major.

Ditching the S Voice shortcut will pace up your navigation. / © ANDROIDPIT

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2. Change off frustrating Samsung sounds

Although an individual’re at it, why not convert off 4 of these frustrating Samsung sounds? Even in case a person put on’nited kingdom psychological them I might guarantee you which everybody on the teach, at duty and inside the grocery store hates them. Toward do the public a choose, move towards Settings > My Equipment > Sounds and Notifications > Additional Sounds and un-test the containers for as numerous as a person may stay without having.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop turn off samsung sounds
Do the public a prefer and lose the frustrating Samsung sounds. / © ANDROIDPIT

three. Utilize shortcuts toward phone or message pals

Why employ messy menu buttons whilst a gesture will suffice? Inside your buddies checklist a person may basically swipe a phone’s title toward the deserted or write towards automatically phone or message them. Now an individual can easily keep within faucet additional very easily and conserve era although an individual’re finishing it.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop contacts shortcut message call
Phone or textual content your current close friends even quicker with gestures. / © ANDROIDPIT

four. Accessibility Galaxy S4 invisible settings

There’s the excellent application known as Notice 2 Invisible Settings that additionally works with the entire host of additional Galaxy equipment. Four provider-branded selections wear’k duty, however this’s really worth setting up it and offering it a shot simply because there’s heaps of cold material within this particular application.

s4 tips 8
Concealed Settings aren’k prominent on all S4’s yet that’s really worth getting out. / © ANDROIDPIT

Note 2 Hidden Settings
Install on Google Play

several. Safe your lock display notifications

Lollipop pulls with lock display notifications moral a person avoid possess towards absolutely unlock your telephone basically toward study a textual content or e-mail. Yet maybe a person avoid think hot engaging the contents of your notifications plastered almost all more than your lock show for everybody in order to appear in. When thus, move toward Settings > My Apparatus > Sounds and Notifications. An individual can easily pick that’s programs will show articles on the lock display inside Device Notifications and your price of content material within Whilst Locked.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop lock screen notifications
Decide your lock display notification applications and content material settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

6th. Utilize your telephone to be able to handle the TV

Get the WatchOn software and employ it towards ready up your TV manual, favourite channels, limit your TV, prepared-higher container and a lot additional. A person may even positioned it upon your own lock show or the notifications colour towards help to make positive an individual’re usually the lounger commando within cost.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop WatchOn remote control
Employ your Galaxy S4 as a remote control limit too. / © ANDROIDPIT

eight. Utilize your voice for fingers-reduce restrict

Performed an individual realize your S4 performs plenty of voice limit selections? An individual can easily make use of your voice in order to change off alarms, accept images, play song and remedy or reject calls. Simply move towards Settings > My Apparatus > Voice Restrict and flip the switches for the orders you desire to be able to employ. There’s additionally S Voice for anything else, choose settings reminders or monitoring the climate.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop voice control settings
Utilize your voice and conserve your palms from operating too difficult. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Get any far better launcher

If TouchWiz continue to feels the small sluggish for you, why not change with a quicker launcher prefer Google Now Launcher or a good extra customizable launcher prefer Nova Launcher or Exercise launcher? Send them a attempt – they’re loose and a person may usually change backside in case a person would like in order to.

s4 tips 11
Combine topics up with a custom made launcher. / © ANDROIDPIT

Nova Launcher
Install on Google Play

eight. Prepare your current very own Qi wifi charger

When an individual desire to be able to get a wifi charging undergo prefer the Galaxy S6 without having forking out a fate, why not cook your own personal Qi Wi-fi charger? All a person require in order to do is purchase the inexpensive wifi charging cabinet on-line, prize the wifi inductor off the backside and lightly collection it up with the items on the backside of the S4 and stick it within.

phone battery
A person may effortlessly establish a Qi wi-fi charger regarding your current S4. / © ANDROIDPIT

11. Induce Intelligent keep

Intelligent keep makes use of your mobile phone’s entrance-dealing with digital camera toward detect regardless of whether most likely searching in the display or not. Thus very long since most likely seeking from it, it stays on. This particular is actually excellent in case a person would like in order to consist of any quick display timeout however additionally do any whole lot of looking at in your current telephone.

Toward induce Intelligent keep, move toward Settings > My apparatus > Intelligent display and press Intelligent remain.

s4 tips 9
Wise keep translates your telephone remains on since very long since most likely looking at or in any other case searching in the show. / © ANDROIDPIT

eleven. Customise your lock display

Put on’k negotiate with regard to a dull aged lock display, upload a digital camera and dialer shortcut, pick a clock or privately owned message and send it 4 pizzazz with a customized wallpaper. Move towards Settings > My Equipment > Lock Show and test the package for digital camera and then personalize your lock show widgets.

s4 tips 7
Personalize your lock show for cold personalizations. / © ANDROIDPIT

13. Customise your Rapid Settings

Why negotiate with regard to the regular Fast Settings while a person may curate a customized batch of the most helpful toggles and switches for the method a person utilize your mobile phone? An individual can easily even organise them precisely how an individual just like. Swipe down from the upper of the display, touch the little grid within the upper correct part and then the little pencil towards edit and rearrange your Rapid Settings.

s4 tips 5
Personalize your Rapid Settings with regard to your own preferred shortcuts. / © ANDROIDPIT

thirteen. Cook the keyboard smarter

In case a person’re wearing the inventory Samsung keyboard, help to make positive an individual’ve obtained predictive text message and swipe typing enabled. In case a person put on’k an individual must attempt it out – you will be surprised at the period discount rates each send. Move towards the keyboard and very long press the button toward the deserted of the room bar. Faucet the Settings cog and help to make positive Predictive Text message is On and Keyboard Swipe is actually arranged toward Continuing Insight. Or an individual can substitute the keyboard with SwiftKey.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop keyboard settings swipe
When an individual’re not swipe typing with predictive most likely residing inside the ancient 2000s. / © ANDROIDPIT

SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

eleven. Utilize ”Do Not Disturb” mode

One more excellent Lollipop factor is Precedence Notifications, furthermore identified since Do Not Disturb mode. It isn’t allows a person ready occasions in which you gained’k be interrupted by any however the most essential notifications or alarms. An individual can easily remain calls from your current loved ones and boss on the white checklist, prepared days and occasions of the week and determine amongst calls, messages and calendar reminders. Move towards Settings > My Apparatus > Sounds and Notifications > Interruptions and get busy.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop priority interruptions
Appreciate any tiny peace and quiet with Precedence Notifications. / © ANDROIDPIT

thirteen. Supercharge your digicam

Set up the Samsung Wise Digital camera software and talk your mobile phone towards your digicam with NFC for quicker moving of pictures, wearing your mobile phone as a distant viewfinder (hi selfie sticks) and further. Ultimate of all, your digicam will immediately hook up to be able to your mobile phone whilst is actually on.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop smart camera nfc pairing
Pairing your mobile phone toward your digital camera is actually really significant. / © ANDROIDPIT

sixteen. Constantly get the ultimate show

One of the greatest items of Samsung exhibits is that they will are usually adaptive towards numerous circumstances, so based on regardless of whether most likely reading through, searching in images or watching a film, you constantly get the greatest imaginable viewing go through. Simply obtained toward Settings > My Equipment > Screen > Show Mode and determine Adapt Screen or test out the additional selections.

s4 tips 1
Prepare the galaxy S4 show function with regard to a person. / © ANDROIDPIT

17. Attempt the floating keyboard

Your keyboard isn’t very always locked towards the rear of the show possibly. Based on what most likely finishing, a smaller, floating keyboard may possibly end up being simply what you would like. Once again, move towards the keyboard, very long press the button toward the deserted of the room bar and faucet the tile with the two little containers overlapping. Your keyboard will shrink any tiny and be moveable.

s4 tips 2
A mini floating keyboard may become genuinely beneficial. / © ANDROIDPIT

18. Preserve battery with smarter Wi-Fi

In case a person possess your Wi-Fi prepared toward disconnect when the display is off you you have believe if you’re saving battery by finishing so. Incorrect. Thinking about most of us change our display on a hundred and fifty periods a good mid-day, maintaining Wi-Fi attached the complete period will be in fact closer than using it convert off and on and lookup with regard to connections all the era. Move towards Settings > Wi-Fi, faucet the gentle menu major and then Sophisticated and create certain Stay Wi-Fi on In the course of Mattress is actually arranged towards Constantly.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop Wi Fi settings off while asleep
Sustaining Wi-Fi usually on will be in fact closer for battery life. / © ANDROIDPIT

19. Arrange insects inside Risk-free Mode

When your current Galaxy S4 is performing uncommon or perhaps an individual believe might obtained 4 significant difficulty, you you have would like in order to restart it within Risk-free mode right up until you get topics sorted out. Basically convert your S4 off and then backside on once again. When you understand the Samsung display press and suspend the quantity down main and an individual may observe that several applications were disabled while it boots up. Toward get out of Risk-free mode, basically change your telephone off and back again on once again.

s4 tips 10
Risk-free Mode allows a person play near with most programs disabled. / © ANDROIDPIT

20. Prepare topics less complicated with Basic Mode

In case a person’re slightly bamboozled by all the Samsung widgets and doodads inside TouchWiz you desire to be able to send Basic mode a shot. Its transparent subjects up therefore a person simply perceive the most essential material, magnify icons and prepare anything at all any tiny simpler toward control and navigate. Move towards Settings > My Equipment > Basic Mode and turn. Perform this particular within opposite in order to change backside toward Ordinary Mode.

s4 tips 3
Simple Mode is excellent for newbies, grandparents and all those with eyesight impairments. / © ANDROIDPIT

21. Get a custom made sound profile

When an individual have got hugely picky ears, or even just just like to be able to contain finish restrict across what draws out of the equipment a person utilize in order to talk towards individuals with, then why not get a customized sound profile? Pass towards Settings > My Apparatus > Sounds and Notifications > Adapt Sound. Set up 4 headphones, faucet Commence and adhere to the prompts.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop adapt sound
Buying a custom made sound profile makes anything sound nearer. / © ANDROIDPIT

22. Constantly get the greatest picture

Permit’s face it, not all of us are Pulitzer Prize-succeeding photographers. So while a second genuinely maters, why not shoot a burst of pics and contain your S4 determine the ultimate one for you? Basically exposed the digicam pp, touch Mode and Greatest Photograph. Suspend down the shutter toward shoot a bunch of pis and then appreciate the greatest one instantly.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop camera best photo
Ultimate Picture constantly is aware that is shot is ultimate. / © ANDROIDPIT

23. Get closer battery life

The galaxy S4 doesn’k consist of the inventory Android Lollipop Battery Saver mode yet that does contain Samsung’s Electric Saver Mode. Pass toward Settings > My Equipment > Electric Saving Mode and flip the turn toward permit it. Simply examination the containers for the settings an individual can easily reside without having for somewhat of a battery raise.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop power saving mode
Electrical Saving Mode will get you actually much more battery life. / © ANDROIDPIT

48. Appreciate Silent Mode

The Galaxy S4 is one of the few equipment towards appreciate true Silent Mode even on Lollipop. An individual can easily pass towards Settings > My Apparatus > Sounds and Notifications > Interruptions > Sound Mode > Mute or a person may utilize the toggle inside the Rapid Settings to be able to swap from sound towards vibrate toward mute.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop mute mode
The Galaxy S4 is one of the few Lollipop machinery nevertheless with mute mode. / © ANDROIDPIT

25. Prepare safety smarter

Why would you would like in order to unlock your mobile phone with a PIN or tendency while it can inside your pocket or even a person’re at household wherein (I hope) a person may faith every person? Attempt out Lollipop’s cold Wise Lock facet. An individual can easily publish a smartwatch so a person avoid possess towards unlock your S4 while your watch is locally, prevent unlocking whenever a person’re at household or the workplace or even actually ready a trustworthy face or voice.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop smart lock trusted device
Intelligent Lock is one of the coolest Lollipop functions. / © ANDROIDPIT

26. Prepare Chrome less complicated and closer

Chrome on Lollipop is the small frustrating. By default your Chrome tabs will stay separately inside your current applications listing (accessed by lengthy pushing the Household button). Possibly a person such as here’s, yet in case a person opt the older method – all inside Chrome itself – then move towards Chrome, faucet the a few dots inside the upper proper hand spot, choose Settings and change of Merge Tabs and Programs.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop merge chrome tabs
Stay Chrome older-college and wear’k merge tabs and applications. / © ANDROIDPIT

27. Get lazy with Palms-Loose Mode

When an individual’re busy completing anything else along with your own fingers however put on’k would like in order to miss out on any incoming messages or notifications, why not employ the Galaxy S4’s Palms-Reduce Mode? Incoming calls, messages and notifications may end up being narrated towards you therefore a person usually understand elaborate heading on even without having seeking from your telephone. Move toward Settings> My Apparatus > Palms-Reduce Mode and flip the change. Tapping the access will allow a person decide exactly what is actually imaginable.

s4 tips 6
Samsung performs actually much more palms-reduce choices for the lazy between us. / © ANDROIDPIT

28. Disable needless gimmicks

Samsung performs usually been identified – from the very least right up until lately – for packing it’ll mobile phones with four at times fewer-than-helpful capabilities. Four of those capabilities are enabled by default and are constantly sucking battery and processor electric toward responsibility, even when an individual in no way utilize them. In case a person’re not a gesture sort of person, why not convert them off? Move towards Settings > Actions and Gestures and convert off the functions an individual may desire. Similar moves for Intelligent Show and Air View.

s4 tips 4
When an individual’re not putting on it, disable it. / © ANDROIDPIT

Did you try out any of those Galaxy S4 tips and tips? Do an individual have got any others?

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