Galdor – Demon Slayer Apk v2.7.4 Mod

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You can play as Balder, the Knight, and Ema, the mage, to explore the world of fantastic adventure.

– Fast-paced real-time and full angle ARPG. You can shoot and cast skills toward anywhere you want!
– Present with high-quality 3D model and splendid skill effects
– Convenient and quick battle system; able to attack monsters automatically
– Various fashion avatars to choice; decorate and characterize your own unique heroes!
– Over 100 pets to collect; pets would be the best partner to help in battle.
– Unlimited combo chain system; achieve fever status to boost attack and move speed
– CORE FACTOR: Rune system. Able to embed rune on weapons to activate different buff and effect. The more runes you collect, the more strategies and fun you will have!

Galdor - Demon Slayer 1 Galdor - Demon Slayer 2 Galdor - Demon Slayer 3 Galdor - Demon Slayer 4 Galdor - Demon Slayer 5 MOD:
– God mode
– Infinite Mp
– Rapid attack
– Vip level 15

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