GAWhatsApp v1.0 Latest Version with new base update By @alabidi_tech


• [Base] on version 2.17.230

• [Restore] old Status in Main Screen

• [Ability] to copy ‘friends’ status

mod apk

• [Ability] to select & copy number of contact

• [Ability] to click on stories url

• [Ability] zoom profile

• [Ability] now you can know who revoke links of groups (just Admins)

• [Ability] set Status case the number of letters 512 characters instead of the 146 characters

• [Ability] to add 1024 member groups instead of the 256 member

• [Ability] send any files type (zip,rar,apk…)


• [Add] option to Pause Your Last seen

• [Add] option to stay connected always

• [Add] option to Hide Seen Story

• [Add] option to reset privacy option

• [Add] option to Restart App in Main screen & Alabidi Settings

• [Add] option to Hide Archived chats

• [Add] option to Make text selectable

• [Add] to Hide date and time while copying 2 message or more

• [Add] option to put your name instead of WhatsApp in the main screen

• [Add] option to put / hide the number in the Home screen

• [Add] option to open more of a conversation in the taskbar

• [Add] option to indexing contacts

• [Add] option to select Contacts

• [Add] option to revoke sent messages

• [Add] option to share locations

• [Add] option to Write Text Story


• [Add] option to a Backup your data

• [Add] option to Restore Backup data

• [Add] option Thanks

• [Add] option to share the app with friends

•[Add] option to Report me to any problem & Ideas