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If you are looking for an honest, unbiased and the most in-depth review of GetResponse, you have come to the right place.

If you are blogging for a while, you already know the fact that email list is the primary income source for most of the professional bloggers who make a living from their online businesses. One of the great reasons to build an email list is you can have your own tribe who are interested in your stuff and who are ready to buy your products.

Without building an email list, in this Google panda and penguin era, you can’t build a profitable online business. So start focusing on building your email list from today. When building email lists, most bloggers have the same question – which email auto responder to go with. Though there are many services like AWeber, Mail Chimp, Madmini etc. I personally recommend anyone to go with GetResponse because it’s not only affordable but it has some amazing features that no one else offers.

In this in-depth GetResponse review, we will discuss why GetResponse is the best email auto responder in the business. Let’s jump right in.

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Why should you use GetResponse to build your email lists?

getresponse review 2015

getresponse review 2015

Affordable pricing

The primary reason for using GetRespose to build and grow your email list is because of the affordable pricing. You will get all the premium features like split testing, analytics tracking, time machine feature etc for just $15 (up to 1000 subscribers) whereas the AWeber is charging $19 for the same. You can send unlimited number of emails to your subscribers without any extra cost.

Here’s the price chart for different subscribers modes.

Pricing options   email marketing   GetResponse

Pricing options   email marketing   GetResponse

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Note: It’s cheaper than AWeber in price and has more great features than AWeber.

Here’s the 3 step tutorial on how to send newsletters and emails to your subscribers using GetResponse.

Step 1: Once you logged on your account, on GetResponse dashboard, you will see 4 things (shown in the below screenshot). Click on “Create Newsletter”



Step 2: Now, you will be taken to the next page where you need to pick an editor to start creating your newsletters or emails. I personally use and highly recommend “New Email Creator” option.



Step 3: Now is the fun part where you will have to create a compelling subject line to send to your email list.



Step 4: This is the final step where GetResponse gives you amazing newsletter options where you can pick anyone among them to use it as your email template. I personally use a simple (no image) email newsletter though.

That’s it! Click on send to send your email instantly or you can also schedule it later if you want. Now, let’s talk about the features of GetResponse in this unbiased GetResponse review. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Extremely great features in GetResponse

Here are few notable features that come with GetResponse.

  • split testing
  • RSS / blog to-email functionality
  • lots of templates to choose
  • time machine feature
  • great mobile apps
  • better analytics
  • great auto responder
  • comprehensive segmentation options
  • social sharing tools

We will now get into the details of what GetResponse can offer you.

Responsive email design

The mobile users who are using smart phones, tablets are increasing day by day. Most of the smart users are using their phones to open and read their emails. What if your auto responder is not responsive? They simply can’t read your emails.

With GetRespose, you can send responsive emails to any smart phone users. Be it any device, smart phone, tablet or iPad, they can read your emails without any hassle. This is the one feature that makes GetRespose stand out from the remaining crowd in auto responder business.

According to their research, you can reach 42% more new readers and close more sales if your emails are responsive. That can hugely change your business and sales, isn’t it.

Another notable biggest advantage with GetResponse is that you can import contacts without your email subscribers having to opt in to a list all over again, that’s a huge plus point, right?

Ability to perform A/B testing with GetResponse

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates, sales or subscribers is to perform A/B testing on multiple pages.

You can simultaneously test, analyze and optimize any element of your emails. You can perform A/B testing on your email subject line, call to action CTA, from field, best time and day to send email, and many more.

I recently ran a A/B testing with my newsletter and I have used two email subject line variations. The best part here is, GetResponse automatically sends whichever has the highest clicks or open rates. How cool is that?

Let’s say you have 1000 email subscribers on your list and created 2 email subject line variations to see which works better using A/B testing feature on GetResponse, it automatically sends 250 emails using the 1st variation, 250 emails using the 2nd variation and the remaining 500 emails will get the BEST email variation that get more clicks or open rates.

Creating surveys to analyze your market is so easy

Most online marketers create surveys using expensive tools to know and analyze their customer needs and frustrations. If you are using GetResponse, it’s very easy to create and perform surveys.

Creating and analyzing your surveys is as easy as creating a newsletter on GetResponse. You can also analyze who opened your survey, who clicked on the links and many more using its great features.

Drag and drop email creator

Not a tech savvy? No problem. You can still create great emails using drag and drop email creator. You just have to pick up few elements and write your stunning emails, their email creator will do the rest.

Tons of iStockphoto images for FREE

One of the reasons I chose to use GetResponse is because it offers thousands of free iStockphoto images. You can use them for free on your emails without giving any credit to the images whatsoever. They all are of highly quality and look visually appealing in all the devices.

Excellent email delivery rate

GetResponse has an outstanding email delivery rate of 99%. That means if you are using GetResponse to build and send emails to your subscribers, you have very less chances of landing in their spam boxes. They have excellent anti-spam policy that makes sure your emails are white listed and not getting into spam folders.

I’ve been personally using GetResponse for almost 2 years now and I’ve sent countless emails and I can guarantee you that almost 100% of the time your emails get delivered. And the best thing is I almost never got any complaints so far (regarding spamming or fishing) from my email subscribers. That says it all about the GetResponse deliverability rate. This is exactly what I wanted to convey in this in-depth GetResponse review, you are in safe hands.

Time travel feature lets you get great click through rates

Unlike any other email auto responder service, GetResponder provides time travel feature to deliver emails. Where you can send emails to any country on their local times with just one click. This way you will be able to get more response from your subscribers by sending emails to them all over the world at perfect time.

In short, Time Travel feature allows your emails travel in time to hit the inbox of your subscribers when they are most likely to be browsing through the net. Amazing feature isn’t it?

Beautiful email optin forms

GetResponse has built-in optin forms that are great looking and you have the ability to create customized forms using just few taps. If you are not a tech savvy and using email auto responder for the first time, this will be a huge plus for you. Because the built-in forms visually look great and create great feel to the visitors.

One secret strategy to quickly grow your email list is to use as many opt-in forms as possible in the most visible places on your blog. Here are 5 such places you put the forms using GetResponse.

  1. About page
  2. Top of the sidebar
  3. End of each post
  4. Footer
  5. Header bar (using Hellobar or SumoMe)

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Social sharing

Did you know by using social shares on your emails you can improve your conversion rates? If you ask people to do something after reading your emails, they are more likely to do if they like what they read.

So if you have great emails with all the social sharing buttons, it becomes easy for them to share your newsletter with their friends and family. Using GetResponse, you can easily embed all the major social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc on your emails by just using one button.

GetResponse TV

One of the best things I like about GetResponse is they have lots of lessons on email marketing and increasing your sales and they put all the videos on GetResponse TV. You can have access to all of them by being their customer. They also have great support team who can give you solutions if you ever ran into any issue related to managing their service.

The cool part is they teach you how to grow your email list from the scratch to getting your first thousand email subscribers all using videos. They not only educate how to create freebies to give for your audience but you will love to implement what they teach after watching the GetResponse videos.

And the best thing – landing page creator 2.0

Whether you already know it or not, landing pages are conversion boosters. If you are getting 2% conversion rates (2 sales out of 100 visitors), just by using a landing page, you can increase it up 10 to 15%. That’s the beautiness of using landing pages. They always work because they are less distractive and often focus on just ONE call to action.

Whether you want more email subscribers or sales, focus on creating one landing page every time. But creating landing pages is not at all easy especially if you are a beginner.

But with GetResponse landing page creator 2.0, anyone can create stunning landing pages in minutes. Here’s how it works. Once you log on to your dashboard, click on Landing Pages at the top, it will instantly show you “Page Templates” and gives a wide range of landing pages to choose from.

Pick any one of them according to your goals (For instance, Want more downloads? Use “Download Pages” templates). And that’s it! You can either use these landing pages on your own web server or on GetResponse server. So easy, right?



Once you create the landing pages according to your needs, you can use the customized URL’s given by GetResponse and display them anywhere you want to boost your conversion rates.

Final thoughts on GetResponse review 2015

If you want an easy to create email autoresponder service with affordable price (and great features), GetResponse is the perfect choice. You can perform all the things from A/B testing to social sharing to time travel using GetResponse.

So what are your thoughts on using GetResponse? Please share them in the comments.

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Let me know if you have any questions before choosing GetResponse and I’d be glad to clarify your doubts.

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