Holes Ahead! Mod (Unlimited Money)

Holes Ahead!

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Holes Ahead!

Holes Ahead! l Version: | Size: 46MB
 Developers: Bad Mood Games | Language: English

Have you met Timmy, Nuggets, Gobby and the others? There’s one thing they all have in common: For some unknown reason, they really REALLY love to run. They could just run all day every day! There’s only one problem… the bridges where they usually run are in a really bad shape. There are huge holes in the road!
Can you help Timmy and the rest of the gang to run where no character has ever ran before? Drop the blocks precisely at the right time to let the silly buddies continue their endless running fun. Earn crystals as you go on and unlock new fun characters! Can you go furthest?
What’s the name of the game? It’s Holes Ahead!
Holes Ahead!
Holes Ahead!
Holes Ahead!

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