Horizon Chase World Tour MOD APK

Review and Description :

hey guys down here from dance to TV and  say I have a really sweet racing game Horizon Chase World Tour you guys to check out this has a super  sweet arcade-style game play. the music is also really well done one of the top gear music producers  actually jumped on board for this and it sounds beautiful I really did a great  job of capturing each moment with beautiful music for each location and  each kind of race is really well done and it’s definitely engrossing have  fantastic music to accompany or some game play this app also has no in-app  purchases so you buy the game and it has  everything ready to go which is so  awesome nowadays in-app purchases are kinda getting out of hand for this is  greatly you don’t have to worry about in-app purchases it’s just all that  Horizon Chase World Tour content in the one package you can also upgrade your cars along the way you have  eight cups to fan of compete and try to win as you progress through the city’s  and these different tracks and you have a diverse weather changing system which  is super awesome I mentioned before beautiful scenery and overall this is a  really well packaged game really fun pick up quite cheap in the play Store as  well so you getting a lot of content and it is a cheap apt to pick up so I really  can’t knock this out it is an arcade racer so if you’re looking for a serious  racing game and this probably isn’t  gonna be up your alley if you just want  a little bit of fun to compete with your friends getting growth into a racing  game that’s just so simplistic and this is a must have fantastic and I’m loving  every minute of it so far so let me know you think in the comments below go up to  maybe see more cars a little bit more freedom with the customization and just  an expanding universe apart from that they nailed this one this is a fantastic  arcade racer and well worth every cent but anyway guys that the end of this  video so please let me know you think in the comments below make sure they have a fantastic day like  this video if you enjoyed it and share it to your friends and everyone.

What’s In The MOD:
Unlocked Everything
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.3.0
Download Links:
Install APK,place data folder in sdcard/android/obb/ and play.