How to Increase Your Sales On Black Friday As A Blogger?

Are you a blogger and want to increase your sales on upcoming Black Friday?

If you are looking for ways to boost your income on special days like black Friday or Cyber Monday, you are in the right place.

In this post, I’m going to talk about few proven ways to increase your sales on black Fridays as a blogger. Use them to increase your earnings.

Whether you know it or not, few bloggers make more money on Black Friday’s and Cyber Monday’s than they make in the whole year! That’s the reason why majority of the bloggers don’t miss any chances to increase their sales on Black Friday that comes once in a year.

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What are Black Friday sales?

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Majority of the affiliate product creators, software developers give HUGE offers during Black Friday week. Usually you can expect 50 to 80% off on almost every product you think of buying online.

Black Friday sales are majorly promoted by all kinds of bloggers and marketers during the 4th Thursday of November. Due to the huge offers and discounts, they sell their affiliate products like hot cakes. That’s why Black Friday sales help most bloggers to generate huge income.

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So if you are thinking to increase your affiliate sales on Black Friday this November, check out all the insider tips I have got for you. Make sure to share the post if you like it! Now, let’s dive into the details without much ado.

How to Increase Your Sales on Black Friday 2015?

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Properly optimize your “special pages”

Create a “Special deals” page on your site. And include all the special offers on all the products you recommend on your blog. You can include web hosting services, plugins, themes and what not?

By creating a special page for your sales, you will give more visibility to them and by placing them at the top of the sidebar or in your menu navigation bar, you will likely to attract more people to click on them. If they like your deals, they will simply click on your affiliate links to buy.

Make sure to properly use the banner images for the products you promote. Don’t make them too small or too large. I recommend you to try 300 X 250 size as they not only look good but they convert better!

Analyze how others are doing it

You may already know other top bloggers in your industry. See and analyze how they are using Black Friday and Cyber Monday to increase their affiliate sales.

Here are few things you can do.

  • Make a list of 5 to 10 bloggers who are making decent income from affiliate marketing.
  • Subscribe to their email lists.
  • Analyze how they are promoting their affiliate products during special days.
  • Also check out if they are writing any product reviews during Black Friday. Find out how many links they are using and how they are convincing their readers to buy stuff from them.

Harness the power of your email list

If you want to quickly boost your sales during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or any other special days, you need an email list. And not just any other email list of random people, but the email list that’s fully filled with the hungry buyers who are eagerly waiting for your product recommendations.

If you want to build a hungry email list, you need to make sure to add more value frequently. If you treat it just as a “selling list”, they will easily sense that you are sending emails just to increase your sales, they will simply abandon your list. Or they don’t even open your emails. That’s the reason why you need to treat them as your family. Care for them, help them genuinely, figure out all the problems they have and recommend the products they really need.

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Build quality backlinks

Ask any SEO expert the simplest way to increase traffic any blog, they will say one thing “build quality links”. The more links you get to your blog posts from other blogs the higher your search rankings will be. It’s as simple as that.

In a sentence, “backlinks improve SEO”. It increases your traffic, overall domain authority and brand awareness. But building backlinks and getting links from other top blogs is not easy.

People used to write guest posts as a way of getting links from top blogs but most of the authority blogs are now using nofollow links in their author bio’s, which are not at all useful for your SEO. Here’s where you need to think smart, focus on interlinking to your own relevant posts from your guest posts instead of getting links just from the author bio.

You need to definitely start building more backlinks to your blogs in order to increase your sales on Black Friday as a blogger or marketer. Here are few powerful strategies to building quality links.

  • Link out to other bloggers often. This is the most effective list building strategy. No one links out to a random guy. People link to others only when they know you. This is where you need make smart moves. You need to start linking out to other bloggers frequently and let them know via emails that you have linked to their stuff. Sooner or later, if they find your content relevant and helpful, they will start linking back to your stuff. This is how you can build massive links naturally to improve your overall search engine rankings.
  • When building links, don’t go fast. Build your links steadily and gradually. That way search crawlers will think other links are pointing to your sites naturally. That’s when you will start noticing great results from your search traffic.
  • Use Skyscraper technique. Here’s the beginners guide to Skyscraper technique to use your content to get natural backlinks. In summary, it’s all about finding popular content and making it even better and finally promoting it to the right people to get more shares and links. It’s one of the most effective strategies to quickly build some quality backlinks to even a new blog.
  • Ask others to link. Ask your readers to link to your posts instead of leaving comments on them. If they really like your stuff, they will definitely link back to your sites.
  • Often times, asking is the simplest way to get what you want!

Write in-depth product reviews

It’s even better if you write case studies about the products you use and recommend. For instance, if you want to increase your web hosting sales such as Bluehost or HostGator, it’s a better idea to write an in-depth case study about how Bluehost helped you increase your website loading times instead of writing a generic reviews about Bluehost.

For reference, you can check out how I used SEMrush to increase my traffic by 15% in just 30 days post. It’s an in-depth case study that covers almost everything about the benefits of SEMrush and how I used that tool to increase my website traffic from search engines. It received a lot of shares, comments and even sales!

By writing case studies, you are not only telling people how the products you used have helped you in getting results but you are also encouraging your blog’s audience to use them. That way you will not only create awareness about the products you promote but you are also increasing your affiliate sales.

Use landing pages to increase your sales on Black Friday

Landing pages are mostly used by smart affiliate marketers and all top bloggers in every industry. There’s a reason why landing pages always convert better, the reason is, they give less distraction to your audience and they often focus on just one call to action.

If you want to increase your sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you need to make use of the landing pages. Treat them carefully, place the links at the right places and you will lots of conversion rates.

Make sure to include your affiliate disclosure to avoid any problems related to affiliate marketing. You can simply put a small note as, “I earn a small commission whenever you buy something from my blog without costing you anything extra”.

Use the right tools to boost your affiliate product sales

Whether you are a new blogger to affiliate marketing or already doing it for a while, you need one thing to increase your sales on Black Friday: “access to the right tools”. I highly recommend you the following tools which I personally use.

  • SEMrush: SEMrush is an allrounder SEO tool that helps you easily crush your competitors. It not only helps you quickly find the backlink opportunities from your competitors but also helps you find profitable keywords for any niche. Click here to find out more about SEMrush tool.
  • Long Tail Pro: To increase your search traffic, you need to use a lot of long tail keywords. Finding long tail keywords is not at all easy unless you have an incredible tool called Long Tail Pro. Read more about it here.
  • Lead Pages: As I said earlier in the post, email list matters a lot when it comes to increasing your sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. To quickly boost your email list, I highly recommend you to try Lead Pages. It’s an awesome tool that helps you show popups, exit intent popups etc. So you can build your email list without actually irritating your blog visitors.

Create video reviews

I made a lot of videos on most of the products I use here at my blog on BloggersPassion. You can check out all of them by clicking here, I highly appreciate to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want more video tutorials on increasing your sales from your websites.

When doing video reviews, focus only on the benefits of the products you recommend. Also, clearly mention how they can help your target audience. That way you can help your viewers to click on your links that can be mentioned in your video description. Also make sure to properly optimize your video titles, meta description and tags for specific keywords.

The more views you get on your videos, the more people you send to your sales pages, the more people who visit your sales pages the more sales you can make.

Focus on your offerings

Almost every blogger offers the same deals on their blogs, if you want to make more sales during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you need to give away something extra.

You can quickly boost your sales by giving away freely your paid eBooks, courses or themes (if you have any). By that mean, if you are already offering paid eBooks or blog consulting services, you can offer them for free in exchange of someone buying your affiliate products.

You can also try to offer free website reviews, SEO optimization, increasing site speed of WordPress blogs etc for free when someone buys stuff from you. Are you getting me? By focusing on your offerings alone, you can quickly boost your affiliate sales.

3 dumbest mistakes to avoid while increasing your sales during Black Friday

  1. Don’t stuff too many affiliate links. I recommend you to use your affiliate links between 3 to 5 on any given page.
  2. Don’t promote the products you don’t use. Enough said!
  3. Don’t write too many product reviews quickly. And don’t make your blog a “website product review writing site”. It’s the fastest way to ruin your blog!

Final thoughts about increasing your sales on Black Friday as a blogger

Increasing your affiliate sales during Black Friday week is not hard if you know how to sell. More importantly, you should “be prepared” for these special day sales well in advance.

Focus on giving some special offers to your blog audience if you want to increase your affiliate sales during the special days. Implement all the strategies mentioned in this guide to increase your Black Friday sales as a blogger.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating special deals pages on your blogs and recommend all the products you love. Let me know if you have any questions or tips in the comments.

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