[iOS/Android] Minecraft PE Weather & Edit Level Mod for v.0.12.x by Xmodgames

Android Mod 1.0.8 & Mod 1.0.7 Lite Released

Updated for Minecraft PE v. 0.12.1 & 0.12.2

Download Xmodgames:

  Xmodgames Android APK file download 
How to install the apk: http://www.xmodgames.com/apk

Xmodgames iOS IPA file download

mod apk

How to install the ipa: http://www.xmodgames.com/ios-ipa-download

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Jailbroken iDevice/Rooted Device
Cydia Substrate (for iOS)
New Features: in the latest mod for v.0.12.2
★★★Weather Control (iOS coming next week)
★★★Edit Character Level (iOS coming next week)
-Adjust Character’s Exp Level in one move
Feature List
TMI (Core Settings & Action Features)
-Day/Night Switch
Change Time
-Survival/Creative Switch: Change the modes in Game
– Weather Control
-Item Multiplier x64: The item you get will be multiplied by 64.

Character (Some TMI Features are moved to this tab)
-Block Breaker: Instantly break the blocks. Whether there are drops depnd on your tool levels.(e.g.Wooden Pickaxe for Cobblestones; Stone Pickaxe for Iron Ores; Iron Pickaxe for Gold & Diamond Ores)
-Invincible: Infinite HP (only works in single player)
-Run: Sprint fast
-Super Jump: Jump higher than usual.
-Fly: enables you to fly in survival mode (has to be switched ON before entering local servers by others)

Add Item (TMI Select Items) (now works in server)
-Potions Added
-New Spawn Eggs Added
-New Items Added including Nether Portal~!
New Features from mod v.2.0.9 iOS/ v.1.0.6 Android on!
Teleport in the current map (works in server now): you can switch between places
Instantly Spawn MobsWe have Ghasts, Ocelots, Iron Golem, Snow Golem & Blazes. new mobs in 0.12.1
Bonus: TMI Items Updated to 0.11.1 including hidden objects like Spawn Ghast (eggs)!
Lock Time: Time can be locked now. The flow of time is locked when it is ON
Extended Version of Run and Superjump. You can customize now.
More hidden blocks added to Add Items
New Feature since v.1.0.5 Android
Field of View (Sniper –> Wide Angle)
Fixed View (Bow)
Backpack Management
1.With weather control, you can easily control the weather with sliders, including Rain/Snow, Thunderstorm and Fogs.

Note: Snow only occurs when you are in Colder Biomes where snow is allowed.
2.Edit Character Level allows you to adjust character to any level.

3.Other New Features are Potions and New Mobs in 0.12.x.

4.Together with the update of hidden block Nether Portal, you can easily travel to the Nether without even building an Obsidian Nether Portal and DIY your own Portal. 

For more info of past XMOD features: please refer to Guide for 0.11.0.

Credits: Xmodgames (for the mod)