[IOS/Android]How to mod Dead Trigger 2 with Free Xmodgames


Download in Android system:
Instructions for Installation in iDevice:
-Tap software sources.
-Tap “EDIT”then “Add”. 

-Enter Cydia/APT URL :http://apt.xmodgames.com/ 
-Install Xmodgames.
-Launch the app.

mod apk

Instructions for Activation:

1.Install the game first as usual and update it if necessary.
2.Open the App ‘Xmodgames’ from HomeScreen.

3. Click in Mod Menu and tap on the entry of Dead Trigger 2
4. Make sure you install or update the mod first before launching the game mod.

5. The feature is Infinite ammo. The mod automatically loads the feature in missions of the game. It works for missions designed with limited ammo. Note: The mod does not have ui on Android. On iOS you can switch to enable or disable the feature by tapping on the “x” button to call out the control panel.

6. With the mod, ammo in the mags are locked in the missions.

See how Xmodgames has turned a zombie escape into a bloodthirsty slaughter. Come and enjoy!

Here is the tutorial video! The only difference between iOS and Android is the existence of the x button.

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Xmodgames Team (for the mod)