[iOS]How to mod Real Racing 3 with Free Xmodgames

-Unlimited Gold Coins 
-Unlimited R$
-Unlimited R$ 
N.B. As this is a gamesave hack, using the mod might cause your account to be permanently banned.To renew an account, you have to reinstall the game again. Our company does not assume the responsibility for your loss.
-Rooted/jailbroken phone
-Cydia substrate(ios user)

Download in Android system:

Click here:downloadXMG

Instructions for Installation in iDevice:

-Tap software sources.
-Tap “EDIT”then “Add”. 

-Enter Cydia/APT URL :http://apt.xmodgames.com/ 
-Install Xmodgames.
-Launch the app.

Instructions for Activation:1.Click ‘Xmodgames’ on HomeScreen.

mod apk

2. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Real Racing 3 from App Store before installing or updating the mod. To install the mod, click on the entry of Real Racing 3 in Mod Menu.


3.If this is the first time you run the game, please follow the steps ahead. If you have your own account already, please skip to STEP 11. Click here to install or update the latest mod.

4.Click on “Launch” to start the game after the mod is “installed” (as indicated from above the bottom edge of the screen).  

5. When the mod is successfully launched, you should see a “X” button around the right edge of the screen.  

6. Remember to switch “On”to change information of your profile. Please note that it is functional the next time you enter the game. Note that the act will change your save deposits, you may backup your data first.

CAUTION: The mod MUST NOT be ON when you back up your file in cloud save or try to delete the local save in the settings. Or you’ll either get detected by the server and banned for modifying archives or the mod will fail forever. If the mod fails, please reinstall the game first and then the mod and reboot system.

7.Click Pause to end the trailer.


9.Accept to Proceed.

10.A new account has been successfully created with initial deposits.  

Team for the mod