Kiem Khach 3D v1.3.5 APK Mod

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    Kiem Khach 3D

Kiem Khach 3D v1.3.5 APK Mod Search hotels – Standard 3D games Search Agreement
Search Hotels – A world quite different Kiem Hiep
Genre online action RPG (MMOARPG) inspired by the film and the novel’s famous swordplay Kim Dung & Neck Long. The famous contemporary players such as Union project, command Around Lake, Summer Snow Nghi Son Pepper Far … to the Great Demon head Nham Hanh Nga, Dongfang Bubai … will be recreated live on the platform advanced Unity 3D technology with full 3D graphics, which gives players the feeling “fully immersive” into the world completely different swordplay, the world of “Standard Agreement for 3D gaming.”
Guests earn elite martial arts legacy, players across the galaxy promoting competitive intelligence gathering by all!
*** Featured ***
– Make Hotel is the first game with the perfect combination between the players of Kim Dung and Long Stock
– Crisp 3D graphics – realistic – lively – Trendy
– Russia dispatched Out My four great import – Shaolin – Road Mon – Thien Nhan Dragon Fight
– 500+ non-mortal body Search Hotels
– Extensive martial arts system – excellent technical 1000+ Gypsy awaiting discovery
– COMPETITION AWARD TERRITORY, galaxy Junior league of on one hand?
– PK FREEDOM at Quang Minh Dinh, told galaxy win
– Hunting and thousands WORLD BOSS players
– STATE OF WAR, attractive teams – drama – extravaganza
– UNITED PAINT FOR DISCUSSION – Argument for the hero, who will be intelligent martial forest owners?
– FORENSIC unique system, a master map of legacy communications Ultimate Martial
– KY MON – HANDED STATES – special features brings together masters of Kung Fu gather
– FAMILY MEMBERS unique system bring free gaming experience
– FREEDOM DEAL – Extreme Games security product – enriched with Search Hotels
– 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5,7vs7 … – and more only in Search Hotels

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*** Sauna on Gypsy! And no great hurry carefully pick your own to become a great hero Search hotel.

*** Support ***
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 19001104

Kiếm Khách
Kiếm Khách
Kiếm Khách
Kiếm Khách
Kiếm Khách
Kiếm Khách

1.) immortal
2.) dmg high
3.) vip 15 – intuitive, but can have the privilege

Installation steps:
– Installed File Xapk from Apkpure
– Installation Guide
– log and patch with LP if needed
– Install The Mod
– Play – Enjoy!


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