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Kill Shot In an over in 400 is a first individual shooter in missions into complete them.In a radiant in a 3D it graphics.Kill Shot APK In an excellent is slug in cam to execute shot in a moments.In a 30 is a novel in maps and the astonishing in ranges. 
Perilous WEAPONS:The 65+ in particular it weapons to look over them.The increase into your ability in with a 4 weapon classes.Kill Shot MOD APK The guns like as a Sniper Rifle,Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and SAW Gun.In an open in competent is for an every weapons. 
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GOOGLE PLAY SUPPORT:In a 4 leaderboards into test into your friends.In a 50 is an achievements in complete and in an obtain in this entertainment it remunerates them.Kill Shot has full determination support for tablets and significant screen phones.

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Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 2.4
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Kill Shot MOD APK What’s New: v 2.4

Welcome to the Kill Shot 1 year Anniversary Update! Come celebrate with us at the Castle!
*FREE* Anniversary Bullet Skin!
– Log in during the month of October to claim your free Anniversary Bullet Skin!
– Celebrate the Anniversary with Head Shots!
*NEW* Gold Drop!
– Get Gold up front and spread over 30 daily logins at a GREAT price!
*NEW* The Castle Region!
– 50 new Primary Missions!
– 5 new Black Ops Missions!
– 6 new weapons, including the Verrill Huntmaster Sniper Rifle
Unlimited Ammo