Kung Fu Royale v1.0.0 (APK Mod)

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    Kung Fu Royale

 Kung Fu Royale v1.0.0 (APK Mod)  Ultimate unique turnbase game of 2016, pleasing with magnificent effects in 3D, battles with heroes from Jin Yong’s famous novels, thousands of martial art skills, let’s take an adventure finding heroes and be number one in the martial world.

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==3D magnificent effects===
High quality 3D game, magnificent effects, authentic in-game-characters with Thai-dubbed voices

==Numerous undiscovered heroes===
Rallying hundreds of brave heroes from Jin Yong’s awesome novels

==Strengthening your martial skills===
Training your heroes upgrading their martial arts, skills, appearances and equipment, to connect their growth with increased strength!

==Martial world adventure==
Starting an eventful adventure, attacking legendary guilds, satisfying player’s imagination of martial art dreams!

==Martial-world-trembling guild war=
Establishing your guild with friends, empowering it with exciting guild war!

==Battle tournament===
Challenging players all over the realm, to be martial king with PVP tournament!

==Consolidated fight with guild lords===
Consolidating power with all players to fight the famous guild lords such as Dongfang Bubai, Gold Chakra grand master or Butidamo, etc.

==Find your true love with marriage===
Finding true love, looking for your spouse, building your loving home, with the romantic marriage system

==Complete system, a lot of rewards===
Complete in-game-systems, a lot of free rewards

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Kung Fu Royale
Kung Fu Royale
Kung Fu Royale
Kung Fu Royale
Kung Fu Royale
Kung Fu Royale


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