Legend of the Condor Heroes 3D v1.5.0 APK Mod

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    Legend of the Condor Heroes 3D

 Legend of the Condor Heroes 3D v1.5.0 APK Mod “T-POP daily task,” Nine One, “Hong Kong blasting machine Daren” Dage joint proposal
Jin Yong authentic Condor Trilogy “Condor Heroes Legend, Condor Heroes, Dragon” hero Fuzion!

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In the adaptation game of classic Jin Yong martial arts masterpiece, Huashan Mountain Village is able to reproduce and reproduce the new familiar hero in the cast, into the extraordinary extent of the heroes not only the new plot of the martyrdom, the heroines can create their own, again managed by Jing Yong group Kenshin, Experience hands-on mystery version of martial arts and compute online friends. Q Meng 4.5 songs of the river and lakes superb fighting scenes, creativity, Qingli fine casting texture, perfect for jinyong presented to the players, using Unity3D engine, dynamic camera explosive power and fluidity technologies, shape non-reproducible fiction classic body of the body!

● Game Features
Authentic Jin Yong martial arts ※ – fighting pure lineage – rivers and lakes Jin Yong novels pain and sufferings duplicate the course of the game.
Dazzling visual effects * – spectacular firsts of lost masterpieces ‧ martial arts will compete for multiple hundred sorting.
Violence instantly * – fair competition players experience war action athletic athletics ‧ hand travel, knowing ourselves invincible.
A unique role to develop ※ – no waste of love each corner ‧ unique combat skills gram ‧ is connected to a real hero.
Allowing the player to put down to linger rivers and rich lakes and various activities – Heroes everywhere *.
※ Jin Yong real trickery. Heroes of Bad Saber brawl Heroes Weapons, keep watching us!


1. Blame does not attack (NPC will not attack)
2. Critical strike 100%
3. Equipment attack 15 times
4. Increased attack range


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