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If you want to take your search traffic to next level or want to find highly profitable keywords, you must give a try to Long Tail Pro.

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How many of you are not happy with your current website traffic? I have asked this questions to many bloggers, and most of them said “I need more targeted traffic“.

As you can see, targeted traffic is different (and better) than driving useless traffic. You have to bring quality traffic if you want more sales from your websites or online businesses.

The overlooked fact about keyword research

Most people think keyword research is the key and yes it is but the truth is that most think using any keywords can help. Stop using any keywords especially the short tail keywords. Focus on long tail keywords and it will help you

  • boost your search engine traffic (even if you have a new blog)
  • help you rank for more keywords (without writing additional content)
  • quickly find profitable niche ideas
  • and a lot more

Why is it so hard to get targeted traffic?

Most bloggers publish their posts without doing any proper keyword research. Either they are not aware of keyword research importance or simply practice it wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for humans or robots, you need to pick the right keywords in your articles to drive target audience to your sites. Without proper keyword usage, your efforts in creating contents go in vain.

Keyword selection is perhaps the only key in getting massive traffic from the search engines. When it comes to keyword selection, most SEO beginners simply can’t understand how to search and use better keywords for their topics to get more traffic.

What’s the solution?

Even I struggled to get targeted traffic to my websites, and I’ve used a lot of keyword research tools but none of them worked well for me except long tail pro. Long tail pro tool has helped me not only get targeted audience to my site, but it has increase my overall leads and sales. That’s the reason why I thought of sharing my views on long tail pro keyword research tool with you all today.

longtailpro discount

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Long tail pro review – how to find profitable keywords easily!

long tail pro review

We’ll get into the review of Long tail pro in a short while, before that, we’ll first talk about how can you get started with it.

In a short summary, long tail pro tool is all about bringing targeted traffic to your websites. Long tail pro keyword tool helps you find buyer keywords without any hassle. Even if you are a beginner to finding keywords for your niche, you will find it easy to use long tail pro to find your buyer keywords.

You just need to enter your desired keywords and select a match type and just click on Generate keywords. You’re done, it will give you a comprehensive list of all the available buyer (long tail) keywords that your target audience are searching for.

Here’s a screenshot of long tail pro that helps you understand what I’m saying..

long tail pro

Firstly, start looking at the low end of the search volume (anything over 15) is good to go and then click on KC (average keyword competition) to know how competitive your keywords are.

Here are few ultimate features of long tail pro tool.

  • Search Multiple Keywords at Once
  • Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
  • Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
  • Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Pre-filter keywords
  • Automatically find Domains
  • Google or Bing Title Competition

Click this link to download long tail pro tool 

How long tail pro is different from its competition

Long Tail Pro is used by the world’s top marketers like Pat Flynn, Marcus Sheridan etc to find hot, profitable niches that can be dominated quickly. If you are looking for proven ways to find profitable niches in any industry, this is the tool you need.

Market Samurai is long tail pro tool’s main rival for finding the buyer keywords in any niche. Market Samurai is also a great keyword research tool and is used by thousands of professional bloggers from the blogosphere.

But I need to tell you something important, finding keywords using Market Samurai takes a lot of time (it’s a time consuming process to return your keywords). Whereas long tail pro tool gives you keywords very fast, faster than Market Samurai tool. So if you don’t want to spend more time on finding keywords, I suggest you to choose long tail pro over Market Samurai as it’s too cumbersome to use properly.

Why use long tail keywords to increase your sales?


Long tail keywords increase both your traffic and sales!

The people who are searching web to buy what they want, they generally use longer and more specific keywords. It means, people use long tail keywords when they want to quickly buy something. These people generally come from search engine by typing the keywords on their desired problems or products.

If you use long tail keywords on your products (while writing detailed reviews), they will find you easily. If they find you from search engines, they will more likely to buy from you. This is the main reason why you need to think of using long tail keywords on your website pages.

Long tail keywords

  • increases your sales
  • increases your website traffic
  • gives you more leads from search engines

Long tail pro tool is useful not only for finding your buyer keywords, it also helps you in finding

  • global search volume
  • Exact Match Domain Availability
  • Google and Bing Title competition
  • exact or broad
  • Average CPC
  • Local searches and advertiser competition

how-long-tail-keyword work

In short, if you start using long tail keywords in your content, within a month or two, you will start noticing huge traffic spike on your sites.

So how can you use Long Tail Pro to find better keywords with low competition?

Here’s the 4 step process that helps you get more traffic with LongTail Pro.

Step 1: Open up LongTailPro and setup your first project (choose any name)


Step 2: Choose a min of 3 words per phrase (these are called long tail pro)

Tip: Enter multiple seed keywords for best results

Now, it will show you all the possible results for the entered keyword phrases. Depending upon the keyword popularity, the results will show up.

Step 3: Choose at least one phrase > 500 searches with an average KC (keyword competency) of 36 or less

It will give you less competitive long tail keywords that will help you boost your search engine traffic without building too many links or having a greater domain authority. This especially works well and helps new blogs the most.

Step 4: Choose 2 or 3 phrases with an average KC of less than 25

In the above step, you have found 1 major keyword to rank for (with KC of less than 36). Now that, you need to use few more keyword phrases that are relevant on your content to rank well. You can simply select any keywords with KC of less than 25. These are usually called “secondary keywords” that normally supplement the primary keywords. That’s it, you are ready to roll!

Once you find your primary and secondary keywords, make sure to use them on

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Beginning of the content
  • Sub headings
  • End of the post
  • Image alt tags

The above practice can increase your search visibility for the selected keywords and boost your overall search traffic without actually keyword stuffing.

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3 features that make Long Tail Pro keyword research tool awesome

Are you still not convinced? Here are 3 amazing features that make LongTailPro the best keyword research tool.

#1. Finding long tail keywords is extremely easy with LongTailPro

If you are doing keyword research for some time, you already know the pain. We all know how hard it is to find good long tail keywords. It takes days if not hours to find the right keywords. But with Long Tail Pro, it’s pretty much easy as it also gives you the keyword competency (KC) for every keyword you type. This way you can easily figure out whether or not to use a particular keyword in your content creation strategy.

#2. It works for any niche

Are you writing contents on Fitness blog? Or running a marketing blog? Dog training blog? It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you can find profitable long tail keywords in almost every single niche using this tool.


The best part is that, you can also find the average CPC (Cost Per Click), local searches and advertiser competition along with the long tail keywords. How good is that when finding keywords? That’s the reason why most people have started using this to boost their organic traffic. Learning about this tool takes less than 30 minutes and you will never ever have to worry about keyword research any more.

#3. Find unlimited opportunities

Are you looking for proven ways to find and build successful niche sites?

Focus on building profitable niche websites. You can Long Tail Pro to find unlimited niche site ideas to grow your income revenues. You can use the long tail pro data to find the competition of any particular niche idea before jumping into it. Most people fail to build profitable niche sites is just because they don’t analyze their competition. If you dive into a broad topic, the chances of getting high search results are less. So use this tool to get niche ideas that are of less competition.

Long tail pro review – awesome tool to find your competitors “golden keywords”

Want to analyze your competition? Want to know which keywords your competition is using to drive more search engine traffic? Search no where else. Long tail pro tool will help you do that.

The competitor analysis tool will find the top 10 pages ranking for your keyword and it will generate some statistics about the page like, page authority, page links, juice page links, domain authority, Mozilla Rank, page rank, websites age and much more.

A 10-day free trial of long tail pro tool

Are you still thinking whether or not to buy long tail pro to search for long tail keywords on your niche? Don’t think too much, they are offering a 10 day free trial where you can use this tool for completely free.

You can then decide whether or not get this tool once you started using their free trial.

You can get Long Tail Pro for just $47

Conclusion about the review of Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is for you if you are looking to boost your traffic without building too many links or using “less yet profitable” long tail keyword ideas into your content.

This is the most advanced keyword research tool to help you find long tail keywords to easily rank in the top 10 results. You can also find your competition level. Always think like a customer when entering keywords using long tail pro tool, you will get awesome (buyer) keywords if you think like your customer. Also note that, you need to work hard to create really awesome content, then only long tail keywords help you get all the desired traffic you need.

If you find this Long Tail Pro review useful, please consider sharing it with others. And don’t forget to get the limited period offer of getting it for just $47.

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Please share your thoughts on the awesome keyword research tool? Have you tried long tail pro tool lately? If yes, please share your views in the comments below.

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