Review: Is It the Best Alternative to AdSense?

Reviewed by: Anil Agarwal

Summary: is a contextual ad network from Yahoo and Bing Network. Contextual ads means if you have a website or blog around mobile phones, advertisements around mobile phones and their accessories will be served. Relevant ads mean more clicks and thus more money for you. So you should end up earning more money with your website traffic using

What’s the most common way for bloggers to quickly start making money from their blogs? Google AdSense, right?

Yea, I know there are also monetization strategies like affiliate marketing, selling banner ads, product reviews, selling online courses etc exist but they all take time. That’s the reason why most beginner bloggers tend to use AdSense to monetize their blogs. When someone clicks on your AdSense ads, you get paid. It’s as simple as that.

But there are a lot of problems involved in AdSense mainly include less income stream, even though if you are bringing thousands of visitors to your blogs, you will earn peanuts. What if I say there’s a better alternative to AdSense that helps you make more money from your website content?

mod apk is being considered as the best AdSense alternative which is developed by Yahoo! network. It provides you contextual ads which is provided by Yahoo! Bing network. It instantly provides you an opportunity to have access to one of the biggest marketplaces for advertisers worldwide.

Want to maximize your income from your website content? Want to give a try to one of the best AdSense alternatives?

Then, try using contextual ads.

In this detailed review post, I’m going to talk about the various options provided by it to increase your earnings from it. If you are looking for additional ways to make money online from your blogs or websites, you should definitely consider using

If you are wondering why you need to start using it, in this review post, I’m going to first talk about few major reasons to consider it.

3 reasons to choose publishing platform to increase your revenue.

#1) The ability to add highly relevant ads

The main way of making money from “contextual ads” (putting ads in your website content) is the relevancy. If you are not making money from publishing platforms such as AdSense, that’s because your ads are not at all relevant to the content you publish on your sites.

If you observe top blogs that make more money from these publishing platforms, you will notice that they post highly relevant content and show equally relevant ads on their sites. Hence, they tend to show the right ads to the right people, so they will get more clicks and make more money.

If you want to do the same, you need to first try on your blogs to start making money from your website content. helps you show highly relevant ads to your blog audience. So the chances of making money from are more when compared to Adsense.

#2) Top notch support

When you start trying to make money from new publishing platforms such as, you will need a dedicated customer support. Luckily, is developed by the second biggest search engine Yahoo! network and they are offering top notch support to their customers.

#3) Focused only on website owners with great content

Unlike AdSense, platform is highly focused on placing their ads on the websites with top quality. So you need to have great content in order to make more money from This is what keeps it unique from other publishing networks and it’s also benefit for both the advertisers and publishers like you to make more money while helping people better.

Are you convinced to start using Want to know more details about it, let’s now dive into the details of review of in this post without much ado. review – for the people who are searching for best AdSense alternatives review

Here are few of the features and benefits of using over AdSense.

Dynamic optimization

Did you know that uses dynamic optimization to put relevant ads on your sites? dynamically creates ad units that are highly relevant to the website content you create. That way you will be able to generate highest click through rates on your ads which also increases your overall monthly revenue.

For instance, if you have a travel blog and you are getting search visitors with the related searches “top Goa hotels”, “best Delhi budget hotels” etc, places sponsored links that are related to the hotels of Goa and Delhi. That way, your website visitors will find it easy to get the best deals for whatever they are trying to search on your blog.

Click here to try (it’s free to sign up)

Better control over your ads

control uses impression-by-impression basis, their publishing systems predict and deliver the best yielding options to generate more click through rates on your blogs. Another added advantage with this platform is that you have the better controlling option on your ads. You will have the full control over the ads you show on your blogs or websites.

You can filter out all the unwanted ads you display on your blog, that way you can significantly increase your overall click through rates as well as the money you generate every month.

You can also forward all the keywords to the ad unit and influence the ad targeting for any page on your site.

Mobile responsive ads

Whether you know it or not, people who are using their mobiles to browse information are increasing day by day. If your site is not properly optimized for the mobile devices, you are losing a ton of traffic and money on the table. But if you have a mobile friendly site, helps you increase your overall revenue drastically. How?

They allow you to easily setup and control user segment ads with their mobile optimized ad units. You can start using mobile responsive ads by simply activating the mobile ads (beta feature), and your audience will automatically see all your ads even if they are browsing from their smartphones or tablets. You don’t have to use extra coding!

And your blog’s user experience is not compromised, all the ads have a minimal loading times, so they don’t affect your site loading speed.

Robust targeting

As I said earlier in the post, has vast majority of advertisers to show ads on any niche you can imagine. Due to this, they match the most relevant advertisers to every individual page on your blog so you can show precision targeting ads that match with your website content to get more clicks and income.

They have advanced algorithms that scans every single page on your site (and reads the excerpts of every post you published) and provides the best matching ads that are highly relevant to your blog’s overall content.

The great thing is, not only their algorithms but also their optimization team works on providing you the best results in terms of using the right ads to show to your blog audience to increase your click through rates and overall earnings.

So what are you waiting for? Interested in start using as your AdSense alternative?

Click here to try (it’s free to sign up)

Innovative ad units

One of the biggest cons of using AdSense ads on your blogs is “banner blindness”. All the ads on AdSense look like ads, so most people who come from search engines don’t click on them. What happens when no one clicks on your ads? You won’t get any money even if you are getting massive search traffic to your blogs.

This problem got fixed in as they provide smart ad units by delivering the seamless experience to your users. So you will beat banner blindness by posting appealing looking ads within your website content.

Largest advertising pool

users on

No matter what topics you cover on your blog or your niche is, you will find plenty of advertisers to show their ads on your blogs. is developed by Yahoo! group and they have a wide range of advertisers to show their ads ranging from small business to the biggest businesses in the world.

This is extremely beneficial for all kinds of bloggers ranging from fitness, technology to entertainment. No matter what your blog topic is, you will find a lot of advertisers to post relevant ads on your sites. This increases both your chances of making more money from ads and also beneficial to the advertisers who can make money from your blog’s audience.

Easy customization of ads

Want to show ads only on specific posts or pages? Don’t want to show your ads all over your blog? You can do anything you want and customize your ads however you want to monetize from your blog content using ads.

Customization is one of the best things that’s happened to publishers. Even if you are a newbie with zero technical or coding skills, can customize their ad units to place on their sites.

Incredible tracking of your ads in real-time has a control panel that helps you to track your ad performance in real-time. It allows you to easily monitor your ad impressions real-time. You can also view your ad units, date range etc and you can monitor your earnings almost instantly from your dashboard.

Payment methods publishing platform offers you two payment methods, PayPal and Wire transfer. The minimum Payout threshold is $100. That means, you can only withdraw your money once you get $100 in your account. is an invite only program, i.e. an invite must be requested before registration. To start using to make money from your website content, it must have the following things:

  • Have high-quality content and traffic
  • Have a reasonable volume of visitors already using the website
  • Receive most of your traffic from United States / Canada / United Kingdom
  • Have English as the primary language
  • Abide all the guidelines of Yahoo! Bing Ad Network

So what are you waiting for?

Try to start making money from your website content

Final thoughts on Review is an invite only program, so make sure to sign up as their publisher as soon as possible to start making money from your website content.

It’s undoubtedly considered as one of the best AdSense alternatives that help you easily customize your ads in real-time which also has robust algorithms to place highly relevant ads to increase your overall click through rates and earnings.

If you want to minimize your efforts and maximize your revenue from your website’s content, you need to give a try to today. The payments are also good and they pay you either via PayPal or Wire transfer once your threshold reaches a minimum of $100 in your account. You can also check out the other alternatives to Google AdSense by clicking here.

So what do you think about the review? Could it become the best AdSense alternative to all the bloggers irrespective of their niche? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Ask if you have any questions in the comment section, I’d be glad to reply.

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