Mobitel GPRS Settings

mobitel-logo-300x246World popular term GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. Mobitel GPRS can be accessed via EDGE (less than 32 kbps), UMTS (384 kbps) or HSPA (up to 3.6 Mbps) depending on your handset’s capability. All phone models are not supported with automated configuration functions. If so you can set up your handset to GPRS or MMS manually.

Mobitel GPRS settings

Use proxy Yes
Proxy Address / IP Address
Port Number / Proxy Port 8080
Username keep it blank
Password keep it blank
APN / Access Point mobitel3g
Login Request No
Authentication PAP
Data Compression No
Header Compression No
Allow Calls Automatic
DNS Address keep it blank


Setting up access point

Old access point wap
New access point mobitel3g
MMS access point (for MMS only) wapmms


You will be charged 1 cent per 5kb block for GPRS.

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