Multi-storey Car Parking 3D v2.0 Android Apk Download

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Multi-storey Car Parking 3D v2.0 Android Apk Download
Hi guys. Multi-storey Car Parking 3D: a game in simulation category. A mobile car parking game that allows gamers to have fun in a fun time.

Multi-storey Car Parking 3D, a game that you can download and play with your smartphone and tablet using the Android operating system, is waiting
for us to take tough driving tests in multi-storey car parks. In our vote we enter our multi-storey car parks with our cars and try to find the
parking spot on time and park our car at the right place. Of course we have to be very careful when doing this. When parking our car we must not
crash the obstacles like other vehicles or barriers.

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In multi-storey Car Parking 3D we earn points based on how we park our car. The more accurately you park, the higher the score. We can use the
points earned throughout the game to unlock the new vehicles.

You can play Multi-storey Car Parking 3D using one of several control options. You can play the game with the classic touch controls, with the
help of the motion sensor, or by using the virtual keys.

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.