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Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Mutant Fighting CupDeveloper Studio Ace Viral well known to owners of mobile devices in the first place thanks to the famous Rahner about the evil grandmother. However, in their arsenal there are less well-known projects, although it is possible for nothing gamers are paying less attention to them. One such game is Mutant Fighting Cup, an arcade shooter with RPG elements in which you are given the opportunity to create a creature, changing its genetic code and giving all sorts of abilities. As a basis we can take a simple house cat or a puppy and turn it into a killing machine.
Of course such a monster should not sit idle, so immediately send it to the arena.
Mutant Fighting Cup 2 – continuation of the game, the second part has retained the main elements of history, graphic design, game mechanics, thus acquired a lot of pleasant novelties.

The beasts are back in Mutant Fighting Cup 2! BIGGER! BETTER! MORE FEARSOME THAN EVER! Evolve, mutate and train your monsters to win the monster championship in hard brutal turn-based strategy battles!

– FIGHT! Take on monstrous opponents and powerful bosses across the globe!
– TRAIN! Choose your dog or cat animal and command them in combat!
– EVOLVE! Use mutant genes to change breed and gain awesome new abilities!
– METAMORPHOSIS! Mix and match genes to unlock over 1 million creature combinations!
– STRATEGY! Use skills and power ups wisely in extreme RPG tournaments!
– PVP! Challenge your friends to player-vs-player multiplayer action!
– WIN! Win trophies, achievements and compete with players on the leaderboards!

Evolve your monster and win the Mutant Fighting Cup!

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up


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