Neon Squirrel 3D Mod (Unlimited Money)

Neon Squirrel 3D

Neon Squirrel 3D l Version: 1.0 | Size: 44.1MB Developers: Onix-Systems Team | Language: English

New adventures of Superhero Squirrel.
The journey full of perils and threats has brought our Hero Squirrel into a new world. But this new world has also brought new dangers and menaces. Endless slick platforms and electronic enemies are awaiting you at every step. But this is where the deposits of precious nuts are hidden. It is the scarcity of nuts, the main food resource of the squirrel civilization that has endangered their species and brought them to the edge of survival.
Your main duty is to find as many nuts as possible and survive the longest time you can. Our Hero Squirrel is controlled with bending of the device and screen buttons.
Good luck in reaching the tops of nut gathering!
Free your squirrel inside and be free with our new game!
Neon Squirrel 3D
Neon Squirrel 3D
Neon Squirrel 3D

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