NHL Hockey Target Smash v1.6.2 Android Apk Hack Mod Download

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NHL Hockey Target Smash v1.6.2 Apk Hack (adding money) Mod Download
Smash your way to the Stanley Cup® in a casual, fun, target shooting NHL hockey game! By shattering targets and achieving high scores you’ll take down
NHL opponents head-to-head as you play your way through multiple seasons. Along the way unlock an arsenal of pucks and sticks like The Reaper and the
Frost Edge to dominate the competition. Snipe targets with a quick flick or blast through them with a powerful slap shot. Rack up points and bonuses to
keep your goal streak alive over three periods. Create your own hockey legend playing for any of the 30 NHL teams. Dominate the league and lead your
team to win the most coveted trophy in all of sports – the Stanley Cup®. Good luck.

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