Norton 2016 Beta

Norton is releasing a BETA version designed for Windows 10. While we were waiting for the 23 version, the said 2016 is actually 22.5 version.
This isn’t a major update, as the company admits, saying: None of the changes we’ve made will be directly visible to you. There are just a few under-the-hood changes to improve performance, while the package is now fully Windows 10-ready.

WARNING: You shouldn’t use this as your main security product as it might be unstable. Beta means pre-release, it’s now available for public testing before the final version is released. Through public testing, Norton can evaluate how the product performs in “real world” environments and collect valuable feedback from you.

You can download it here:
Norton Security
Norton Security with Backup
The trial is limited to 14 days only.

It is going be interesting to see if Symantec will release version 23 this year or not. The links indicate that 22.5 is the 2016 version, but it seems more like a major update to make it working on Windows 10 and solving some issues found on 22.0.
Let’s see and wait!

mod apk

Known issues

  • UPGRADE – When the 22.5 (2016) beta layout is installed over 22.x (2015) builds, upgrade error occurs – however, product is functional with the second reboot 
  • MAIN UI – Backup widget is shown in NS BETA layout, but it takes the customer to the NOBU beta portal 
  • BACKUP – The blue overlay icons are not displayed in Windows 10 OS 
  • BACKUP – Backed up Optical drive is missing in N-Drive in Windows 10 OS 
  • BACKUP – Throttle States are not changing when Bandwidth Throttle is moved 
  • CUSTOM SCAN – Scheduled Full System Scan becomes disabled when changes are made to Settings 
  • CUSTOM SCAN – Pausing a custom scan, doesn’t actually pause the scan 
  • THREAT REMEDIATION – After turning on Auto-protect, live threat gets remediated without user consent 
  • DETECTION TOASTERS – ‘View details’ is cut off or missing on AP toasters (pop-up windows) 10.IDENTITY SAFE – In Google Chrome, the antiphishing blocking may not work on first visit to the page; however, it blocks correctly on non-Chrome and revisits to the page 
  • IDENTITY SAFE – On Windows 10 OS & IE not the default browser, launching logins from vault UI, always opens IE instead of using user’s default browser